Estimation on the interactive whiteboard. Year 4 Mixed Maths Games. Gordons guess the number. Gordons problem solving – fireworks. Gordons pick and mix. Gordons centre total dartboard.

ICTGames Counting Caterpillar First choose the minimum and maximum numbers you would like to use then drag into correct order on branch. Gordons hit the button. They are ideal for class or small group teaching and cover the majority of areas of the primary maths curriculum. Gordons problem solving – zids and zods. Gordons number facts grid.

Gordons times tables dartboard. Gordons problem solving – fireworks. Gordons counting on in ones. Gordons cards and dominoes. Number lines — whole range on a large menu from 1 to 10 through to 0 to 1, to 50 etc. Traffic Analysis Compare it to. Gordons horizontal addition using place value cards. Shows a function wheel — choose the function and click on the different parts of the wheel to reveal the answers.

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Gordons higher and lower. Wmnet Social Engagement Compare it to.

These are produced by the Coventry Primary Numeracy Team for use by teachers and pupils and are known as Gordons. Gordons number carroll diagrams. A number line that slving be used to practise counting in ones, twos, threes etc up to tens.


wmnet problem solving

Gordons pick and mix. A range of addition pronlem multiplication grids for teachers to use when explaining these. Also included below are games for putting numbers into the correct sequence and matching of objects numeral. Gordons problem solving – shape puzzle. The sticks can be vertical or horizontal and there are different levels, including negative numbers.

For example recognize that by applying concepts of place value and division. Understand that the two digits of twodigit number represent amounts tens ones. Click here for more information. The numbers refer to one two three four five six seven eight or nine tens and ones.

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Gordons multiplication and division bingo. Wmnet fo has of its total traffic coming from social networks last months and the most active engagement is detected Twitter twitts Metrics Get more history Facebook likes shares mentions Google pluses LinkedIn Pinterest pins StumbleUpon views Server Information Compare.

Understand that the three digits of threedigit solvjng represent amounts hundreds tens ones.

wmnet problem solving

Gordons paying for ice cream. Great fun for the teacher as well as the students!


wmnet problem solving

Choose whether to count up or. It helps to develop skills in halving and estimation.

Gordons Numeracy Teaching Resources

To get them to work in Chrome, type in chrome: Gordons place value chart. Year 4 Fractions, Decimals and Percentages. You may not redistribute sell or place the content of this page any other website blog without written permission from author Mandy Barrow. This video should help to proglem this if you would like to try some at home – we will be using the second method in solivng video which starts with the units.

The numbers from to are composed of ten and one two three four five six seven eight or nine ones. Gordons fractions of amounts bingo. Learn More RegisterSign inLearn about the benefits of registering Add to Folder write an equation express even number as sum two equal addends.