What are some recommended preliminary actions? The UHP expects thesis writers to engage in all modes of disseminating scholarship. The important process milestones for completing an Honors thesis are as follows see the Timeline for specific dates:. Research varies widely by individual and discipline. The thesis is initiated by the student and directed by an academic mentor who has agreed to work with the student. If registering for thesis hours takes you over the credit-hour limit in a semester, you will not be charged.

Typically, this would be your sixth semester, spring of your junior year. Mentors Faculty mentor letter of recommendation and support should be: Ask your Honors thesis mentor and department chair about applying for support. For example, a thesis mentor could be a UD staff member; an expert from another college, university or research lab; or a mentor from a community or service organization. This information formally enters you into the University Honors Program thesis database and provides the names of those with whom we will follow up in regard to your thesis topic and progress.

This one can be tricky, because many fifth-semester students don’t know a significant number of faculty from their own departments yet. Your piece of the research provides the material for your thesis. Independent or additional reading or research, perhaps with a discussion group or periodic meetings with the instructor to discuss the material.

Thesis Timeline : University of Dayton, Ohio

Evaluation Guidelines The student can expect a proposal evaluator to consider this list of questions. Thesis Proposal Sample 5: There may be circumstances when a student has a Thesis Mentor who is not a UD faculty member. A maximum of 6 Honors credits may be applied to the requirements of the Honors Program diploma through experiential credit honorz from separate and distinct experiences.


Submit the Thesis Intent Document. The best thesis tehsis a finished thesis.

Welcome to the UHP. Be registered by the Honors Program for the appropriate 3-credit-hour section of research. Academic advisors should also be consulted to discuss any implications of enrollment in graduate coursework for possible pursuit of a subsequent graduate degree.

Restrictions The contract course option may be used only after the completion of 75 credit hours of coursework. Thesis Project Summary words. The chairperson tends to know those individuals with active research agendas and what their general research areas are. If you are going to start the thesis process next semester and it is not your 5th semester in the fall honrs your junior year, please contact the UHP.

Meet all of the deadlines and the printing of your thesis is covered by the UHP.

Honors Thesis FAQs

In fact, this is your only opportunity to request funding in support of your thesis work. What is the professional development associated with the thesis? A classroom activity debate, discussion, simulation, etc. What needs to get done in the semester the thesis process begins? A thesis makes for an excellent, individual capstone experience. If all goes well, nothing. This is also the mechanism by which funds are sought in udayron of the thesis research.


Thesis Intent Document

English Thesis Proposal Sample 3: The Proposal and Additional Course Criteria The one-page proposal should discuss the expectations for a student enrolling in a contract course. Thesis Intent Document Students who plan to do a thesis project as part of their Honors Program diploma option must complete a Thesis Intent Document by November 10, based on the following timeline: Your original data source will become corrupted.

udayton honors thesis

The important process milestones for completing an Honors thesis are as follows see the Timeline for specific dates:. Honors Thesis Timeline The following dates reflect the typical timeline for a student completing an Honors thesis. Arnold Memorial Scholarship was established by family and friends in memory of Danny Arnold, a distinguished member of the University Honors Program who exemplified servant leadership at the University of Dayton.

udayton honors thesis

Do your best to make it understandable by someone outside of your field of study. Typically, a thesis fellowship is used to offset expenses such as the following: Exceptions Additional Advisor as Advisor of Contact: The letter should include the number of hours worked or completed, the basic nature of the experience and a confirmation that the student completed the experience successfully.