And I said while it often choses to wrap a single row of items, for some layouts it does not. This guy is on the way down — big time. However, there is a lot to talk about on this issue. In fact, Thesis 2 — in many ways — is like a failed attempt to do what Headway already does very well. But so can you with Headway — and in a much much easier fashion.

A fair explanation would make me more interested in giving their product a whirl; Judging by your comments on it, it seems like they have a promising one on their hands. Chris Pearson is well aware of that, and has been for years. Shame on them both. Thank you for your post and all the best. However, there is a lot to talk about on this issue. Hopefully when I buy headway base I will be able to use it on two or three blogs of mine without extra charge. Tell me what you are willing to take to do the sale right now, and I can have the money wired into your bank account today.

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Hype… Genesis, Headway and pearsojified other themes are just as efficient, code-wise. Awesome Website Themes has six new skins for Thesis that I would be grateful if you list. WordPress Frameworks Compared on Performance. Get Updates Free Get new skins and boxes for Thesis 2 straight to your inbox. I value your opinion and agree that choice is always good: Those free skins were going to be ready by last christmas.


thesis pearsonified skin

Just started reading the one on how to choose a WordPress theme. Go to the Genesis Theme? Of course, this is also precisely why I had to take action once I learned thesis.

Well, here we are 9 months after launch and no nearer to what was originally promised.

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Honesty and personal integrity are key life values of mine. If you try it out be sure to let me know what you think of tbesis Matter of taste, but it made me feel tired just looking at it.

Do you know of any third party skins that are available for Thesis 2 that are set up for online retail stores ecommerce?

thesis pearsonified skin

I asked for a refund but have yet to hear back from them. Try resizing your browser window and scroll around a bit. My original settings had been completely lost.

DIYthemes Thesis 2.0 – Less Than Impressed. Depressed.

Would like to check it out, but their site has been throwing an Internal Server Error for a few hours now. I even experimented and actiavted my blog in and yikes! The details may be found at the following link: Thesis has always problem with pearsonofied, hard to design and they never follow their promises. Wow, I picked up Thesis 2 with the personified theme under the pearonified of a successful blogger. If you have any recommendations, please share.


My blog loaded but the next challenge was upon me immediately.

Only thing Im wondering about is this: So frameworks enable you to work faster. Seems to me it wasnt thoroughly tested on all browsers and should not have been released.

Like all your other commentators. This was my situation. Hi Daniel Thanks for your comment regarding Headway and Ultimatum. Oliver, disregard everything I say really.

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What he needed, was someone to tell him: On July 8,I lost a legal battle against Automattic over thesis. I do admire you trying to stimulate the sale by bringing him up, though.

At the most, I used some free blog theme on WordPress where all I did was choose my background and post stuff. I never bothered inquiring about this because it was solved by just working in a different browser. Its Bug-city and Im giving up on it.