If we continue to make this claim that our nation was founded on the basis that all men are made equal then we must practice this in order for it to be the truth. Not as a country, but as a whole world! The occurrence is resisted, feared and discouraged by dejected many. We were all born equal, coming into this world as a fragile infant with no ideas of all the cruel things this world contains. The Language Services Network is a network of nonprofit language service providers devoted to the enhancement of interpreting and translation services in the Fort Wayne area.

I think that equality only entails so much. The sweet will always overpower the sour. Schools and local communities should embrace unity by raising awareness and highlighting the diversity in their societies. Youth 12 and Under 1. King have continued to inspire and save thousands, they’re slowly giving way to an imminent torrent of problems with cultural unawareness. We would be no better than lost ducklings stuck in the middle of a deadly highway.

In present-day society, there have been multiple occurrences where America has strayed off from the vision King hadbut that does not mean that it is impossible to sqackhamer societal unity.

Being given the same rights as everyone else has not always been the case. Martin Luther King Jr, and his belief that we can peacefully end racism.

Tanner Taylor, Marcus, Mrs.

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But I am only a student! Our social foundation lies under each of us: King expressed his desire for all people to come together as a whole, but what are you and I swxckhamer to keep his legacy alive?

King means to us, it is important that we adopt his hopeful attitude and use it to encourage our peers and ourselves to remain hopeful and dedicated to ensuring that all men and women of this country, no matter their differences, experience life-long equality.


It may not make sense at first, but you have to look at it from many different directions. Grade 4, Second Place: The glass is being shattered allowing the light to stream in revealing the true disturbing scene that is our reality. He was the Henri Matisse of this time.

swackhamer peace essay contest 2015

King used his voice to encourage others to shift their point of view and to work towards a more unified future where there was no segregation and racism. They make us unique.

We are able to dive deeper into the wonders of the world, the new discoveries, and form relationships with people of one-of-a-kind minds. King believed in non-violence no matter what you did or what color you are… I love playing football. Without reversing what has already started, the world will live a life of despair. It is the driving factor for all fractions of our social environment. Karlie Watson, Coyote Ridge, Mr. Click here for the Discover Card Tribute Award!

Sydney Etufugh,- Castle Hills, Ms. To keep cultural harmony among humans, you cannot call somebody wrong on a religious matter.

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Human nature draws us into our own twisted path, but maybe in order to accomplish the higher goal we need to unify. I do not want the violence and hatred that we give each other.

You need all of these things to have a good friendship with someone who is not like you. If we could make this concept a reality on an individual level, eventually it would grow within our household and reach out to our schools and workplaces, then into our local communities and eventually make its way across our nation. The Rescue Mission, founded inis a faith-based non-profit organization, providing restorative care to men, women and children experiencing a homeless crisis.


That package was his burden of cargo, on the road to Utopia. No matter what the year, I always went home learning something new. As a whole, we have to stop being afraid of accepting other people for their differences. I see it in the pointless protests against other religious groups due to events happening thousands of miles away because of a few radicals.

The world will change, but it’s up to you to change it for the better… Even today there are still racial injustices, prejudice, and hate.

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MLK’s dream in color can be represented through many aspects. Talking helps us find things we have in common YWCA Northeast Indiana is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women, and promoting peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all. Races and cultures add color and character to the canvas.

swackhamer peace essay contest 2015

King maintained a Ghandi-like perspective refusing to give society a dose of its own medicine but instead a dose of the forgiving, loving attitude he was fighting for.