Having covered nearly 25 miles, he reached exhausted at a station called “Oyaini”. They held a series of public lectures and private session with the existing revolutionary groups for freedom. When the carriage approached just opposite him Khudiram threw the bomb inside the carriage; but unluckily Kingsford was not in that carriage. Moreover, Khudiram’s signature was required to be given on the statement on the same date and at the time of the statement in the presence of the magistrate, but in reality, Khudiram was made to sign the day after, and in front of a different person, who was an additional magistrate. Mannum and Binod Bihari Majumdar were the prosecutors for the British government. Lastly, since such a statement are by definition required to be totally voluntary, with the magistrate being sure that it was so, there was no proof that Khudiram was allowed to give a voluntary statement without any direct or indirect manipulation after his capture.

When the child Khudiram was eight years old, he got an idea – India is my country. The trials brought the paper a great deal of publicity and helped greatly in the dissemination of the revolutionary ideology We must be grateful to all those patriots who sacrificed their lives for liberating Bharat from the clutches of the British. Kennedy and her daughter were killed. Gandhi in to-day’s India. It was the first bomb hurled at the British by Bharat.

At the tender age of sixteen, Bose left bombs near police stations and made government officials his victims. The historical trial started on 21 May This was packed into a hollowed section of Herbert Broom ‘s Commentaries on the Common Law and delivered wrapped in a brown paper to Kingsford’s house by Khudram Mallick, a young revolutionary.


Anushilan Samiti persisted in their sbort to kill Kingsford. Bose was the mastermind behind setting up a revolutionary spirit in the teenage student community.

As per the legal system, Kudiram had 7 days time to appeal to the High Court. Some other people got killed. The first attempt to kill Kingsford was in the form of a book bomb constructed by Hemchandra.

Since the attack was made before 9 in the evening, even by midnight the entire town was aware of the incident and was in a state of chaos.

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Retrieved 5 June Bose was inspired by his teacher Satyendranath Bose and readings of the Bhagavad Gita, which helped him embrace revolutionary activities aimed at ending the British Raj.

Woodman was not, and moreover, during the first statement Khudiram was not told anything of the person’s identity and position. Khudiram started struggling with the two men, and immediately, one of the two hidden revolvers fell out.

short essay on khudiram bose

We are providing many paragraphs, short essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. He lost his mother when he was six years old.

Being an employee of the British government, he never could do anything for his country on a personal level, but he thought that if he could make a way for this boy to save his life, he could at least have his conscience clear and make at least one tiny contribution towards his country.

Both the revolutionaries fled the crime scene.

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He reasoned that according to article of the penal code, the accused is required to submit his statement in front of a first class magistrate, which Mr. After the hanging, the funeral procession went through the city, with police guards holding back the crowd all along the central artery street.


The streets of Kolkata started to be choked up with processions all, at the same time, for several days. Views Read Edit View history. When Khudiram was six, his parents died.

Further, Prafulla’s suicide on the verge of capture only reinforces the possibility of his being the actual thrower of the bombs. Under the guidance of his lawyers, Khudiram submitted a new statement denying any involvement or responsibility in any aspect or stage of the entire mission and operation down to the bombing. The Railway station was crowded to see the boy.

short essay on khudiram bose

Answers come with explanations, so that you can learn. He was cheerful and smiling.

He boarded a train from Samastipur for Mokamaghat, and continue his onward journey with a train to Howrah. Trailokyanath Basu, his father was a Tahsildar of the town and mother Lakshmipriya Devi was a religious lady. Secondary School English 5 points.

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There were guests in it. He also inflicted corporal punishments on wssay workers. They held a series of public lectures and private session with the existing revolutionary groups for freedom. He came up and started a conversation with the boy.

As Khudiram was the only of the two alive, his lone statement of a two-man team was the foundation for the entire case.