What’s more, Computer Science is a department within the U of T’s Faculty of Arts and Science , facilitating engagement in interdisciplinary research across all fields of inquiry. Computer Science courses in the department are classified by both Methodologies and Research Areas based on their content. This is typically the initial meeting with the supervisory committee and is referred to as the qualifying oral examination. Publishing Page Content 1. Graduate faculty in the Department of Computer Science are interested in a wide range of subjects related to computing.

The accepted order of pages within the preliminary section of the thesis follows:. For the MSc and PhD programs, at least two of referees should be able to speak to your ability to conduct independent research at the graduate level. Most labs engage in weekly talks and get-togethers on-site, during the day. Our students, both graduate and undergraduate, excel on the national and international stages. Otherwise, you must achieve the English test scores outlined by SGS. The courses must satisfy breadth in four 4 different Research Areas of computer science to ensure a broad and well-balanced knowledge of computer science.

Interested in Grad Studies at U of T? The next academic step after completing a PhD would be postdoctoral studies. Graduate students are important members of our research labs.

sgs university of toronto thesis template

Differing disciplines may have their own conventions. SGS recommends scheduling regular consultations with the supervisor, attending formal dissertation writing seminars when offered, and joining student-organized groups to gain support and a sense of community.

Applicants are admitted under academic regulations i.

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At the qualifying exam, students present a literature review of research related to their interests. This breadth ensures our graduates have a broad and well-balanced knowledge of computer science.


Students who enter the PhD program with a master’s degree from elsewhere will receive 48 months of financial support to complete the PhD degree. Line Spacing Must be at least one-and-a-half spaces, except for the thesis abstract, which should be double-spaced. Files can be shared to Queen’s and to non-Queen’s users Ability to synchronize your files across multiple devices desktops, laptops, tablets, phones. Continuing studies courses are not offered for degree credit.

OneDrive for Business is a Queen’s chosen solution for file storage and collaboration. The following guidelines apply to the main text-based thesis file: I do not have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field computer engineering or mathematics.

sgs university of toronto thesis template

The title page should show:. With your supervisor’s permission, you may defer the start date of a September offer to January, May or the following September one year maximum. In Division I Humanitiespermission may be given for a thesis to be written in a language other than English or French when the if has been approved for use in a universitt by the graduate unit concerned. The thesis is a written presentation of the original doctoral work conducted by the student under the supervision of a faculty member.

The preliminary portion of the thesis should be numbered with small Roman numerals placed in the centre of the page, about half an inch from the bottom. If you have specific research plans, outline them in your statement. You may consider retaking the courses to improve your grades, but applicants who struggle in course work will not be considered competitive for admission. Your supervisor should review this plan before you submit it to the grad office.


U of T graduates are not required to purchase an official transcript of their academic record at this institution.

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Apart from our department’s strength in its core research areas, many of our faculty are engaged in interdisciplinary research involving partnerships with colleagues across the university and around the world. Use of these resources is optional: Interest then accrues on the 15 th of each month starting in October. Font Size Must be a minimum of 10 points. It provides a secure, web-based file space where your thesis can be securely stored and, if desired, shared with your thesis advisor and others – anywhere, anytime.

International Postdocs New to Toronto? More information on work permits for spouses and common-law partners can be found on the CIC website. The next academic step after completing a PhD would be a postdoctoral fellowship.

Our location in the city is a real advantage, adding depth and breadth to our research possibilities and encouraging strong industry connections. Your application will be read by one or more members of our Admissions Committee. Special students should specify the courses they wish to take and why they wish to take them in their application as a supplemental document.

Students who fail more than two courses at the graduate level will be terminated from their program.