In the next three paragraphs, the three biological codes will be considered in detail. Blom, volgens besluit van het College van Decanen in het openbaar te verdedigen op vrijdag 21 januari des namiddags om 1. At utterance end, high endings signal continuation, low endings finality Gussenhoven Related to the first development, discoursal meaning is recognized as the context-independent meaning intonation is concerned with. Examples of such a minimal pair are given in English, German and Dutch in 1 , 2 and 3 , in which the identical parts are in italics and the accented syllables are in capitals.

To further determine the significance of this difference, simple contrasts were requested for Pitch Register, for which level 1 was used as the control category. Since delayed peaks can be used as substitutes for or enhancements of higher peaks Gussenhoven , a see also Chapter 2, section 1 and, like variations in peak height, can signal different degrees of interrogativity Makarova a, b, see also Chapter 2 , peak alignment might also be related to the perception of meanings deriving from the Effort Code. One experiment Experiment 1 is reported, which investigates the perception of the postulated universal question cues deriving from the Frequency Code by speakers of Hungarian, Mandarin Chinese and Dutch in a made-up language. The Production Code Gussenhoven associates high pitch with utterance beginnings and low pitch with utterance endings. This result indicates that the increase in the perceived surprise from level 1 to a higher level of Pitch Register found for Dutch listeners was not found for British English listeners.

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As reported in Figure 3. This can be accounted for by the fact that Hungarian employs peak raising and peak delay to signal interrogativity, whereas Dutch uses peak raising to a lesser extent and Mandarin Chinese uses neither peak raising nor peak delay. Smaller larynxes, containing lighter and smaller vocal cords, produce higher-pitched sounds than larger larynxes.

Indirect usages of wh- questions refer to cases where the speaker does not use the wh-questions to address questions, but for some other pragmatic purposes, e.


Your main task will be to take the lead in developing the individual components of the test battery e. He compared tune meaning to the meaning of ideophonic words and proposed that English has an intonational lexicon, consisting of words i. In what follows, these four dimensions will be considered motivahie some detail.

If so, will one speech community distinguish a larger difference in the perceived surprise for a given interval of pitch ranges than the other? As later peak can function as an enhancement of a higher peak, equally high curriculym would sound more surprising when aligned later than when aligned earlier. In these cases, the distribution of the form over the function is not predicted by the Effort Code, which merely associates wide excursion with higher degree of emphasis and surprise, but has nothing to say about the way a contour ends.


Functie-eisen U hebt aantoonbare ervaring met experimenteel onderzoek en het meten van psychofysiologische maten o.

These cases will, however, not concern us here. Universal and language-specific perception of paralinguistic intonational meaning een wetenschappelijke proeve op het gebied van de Letteren Proefschrift ter verkrijging currriculum de graad van doctor aan de Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen op gezag van de Rector Magnificus Prof.

The stimuli differed vitad one of the six variables: You should send your application attn. Her findings confirmed that all properties except for global trend constitute independent speaker choices in the signalling of questions.

When necessary, significant main effects of the pitch-range related factors are considered. These three types of language-specificity are illustrated in Figure 3. U bezit bovendien een sterke motivatie om wetenschappelijk onderzoek te doen, een zelfstandige onderzoeksinstelling en u kunt formjlier samenwerken.

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uuu These three options are signalled by five nuclear tones, i. Each of these four analyses included one between-subject factor, Language 2 levelsand three within-subject factors, Speech Act 3 levelsPitch Contour 2 levelsand Pitch Register 5 levels for the Register data or Pitch Span 5 levels for the Span data.


One is informational, concerned with attributes of the message. And what do you do if you suspect one of your colleagues is a bit too creative in coming up with new methods of data-analysis? The main curriculun of Pitch Register is similar to the main effect of Pitch Span: Hadding-Koch and Studdert-Kennedy addressed the question as to what prosodic viate are relevant to the perception of questions in American English and Swedish.

Considering the very small percentages of these stimulus pairs in their corresponding stimulus set, it was assumed that their presence would not affect the overall results in any significant way.

We hypothesized three situations, as illustrated in Figure 3.

formulier motivatie en curriculum vitae uu

Program The first workshop will take place December 4,in Utrecht. By contrast, the wide-range language, British English, has a wide range exactly because its speakers are much keener to express the meanings encoded in the biological codes; hence the wide standard pitch range. Brazil recognised three keys, high, mid and low, and three terminals, high, mid and low.

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Cognitive and Clinical Psychology; 4. Introduction It is generally accepted that paralinguistic uses of intonation are remarkably similar across languages.

For more information about the Department of Experimental Psychology, see http: One experiment Experiment 1 is reported, which investigates the perception of the postulated universal question cues deriving from the Frequency Code by speakers of Hungarian, Mandarin Chinese and Dutch in a made-up language.

This hypothesis was based on the existence of a difference in standard pitch range between the two languages Willemsde Pijperde Motivvatiesince standard pitch range would appear to affect the perception of intonational meaning Rietveld et al.

formulier motivatie en curriculum vitae uu