But that is not the case, of course: Necrotizing enterocolitis is a devastating, multi-factorial disease marked by intense inflammation, which may be related to changes in the intestinal microbiome combined with compromised perfusion. Racial disparity in the frequency of recurrence of preterm birth. At the University of Arizona, where she graduated in the top two of her medical school class, she was active in many organizations seeking equity in health care. The role of lysozyme in: Timothy Weaver to study biosynthesis of surfactant protein C. The Human Milk Project:

This is exactly the kind of study that we need to do in neonatology. J Allergy Clin Immunol. Matrix metalloproteinase mediates a phenotypic shift in the airways to increase mucin production. Human milk; child health and nutrition. The authors of the study state that IGF use decreased the occurrence of severe BPD, but if we analyse the trial using standard methods, i. But a few weeks later, after being in the ICU for a while, with multiple blood sampling and intercurrent illnesses, the effects of delayed clamping on late severe anemia might well be dissipated.

The prevalence and risk factors of atopic dermatitis in 6—8 year-old first graders in Taipei – Open access April The next big problem is the primary outcome: Human milk; child health and nutrition. The missing link between familial Mediterranean fever and recurrent aseptic meningitis – Thesix access Available online 20 March The use of early lung biopsy in detection of fatal pulmonary disease in the neonate. She is collaborating on several research studies of HBB around the world.

There was a hint of worse pulmonary outcomes with higher saturations. Journal of Clinical Topifs.


List: Thesis Topics For Md Pediatrics [#]

Did they add all the intake over 6 weeks and compare between groups? Swarr is particularly interested in both isolated and syndromic birth defects impacting the health of newborn infants. Racial disparities in cord blood vitamin D levels and its association with small for gestational age infants.

dm neonatology thesis topics

They produced transgenic mouse models for conditional deletion and expression of genes involved in lung development, disease, and repair. Studying Wnt signaling during patterning of conducting airways.

Recent Pediatrics and Neonatology Articles

Int J Womens Health. Dawodu A, Akinbi HT. Bilateral submandibular duct transposition and sublingual gland excision Department of ENT. Neonatal Resuscitation in Low-Resource Settings.


Parham has concentrated her clinical efforts on the care of medically complex patients, such as those with bronchopulmonary neonatoogy, and looking at the best ways to support and educate families with medically complex children.

Clinical significance of asymmetric skin folds in the medial thigh for the infantile screening of developmental dysplasia of the hip – Open access Available online 2 March Systematic reviews, and meta-analyses should help us make a clinical decision, by accumulating all the evidence, determining its quality, and synthesizing impacts, we can then decide which therapeutic option to pursue.

University of Nebraska, Omaha, NE, Sinner, PhD Debora Sinner, PhD, investigates the molecular basis of the healthy development of the large airways of the respiratory tract. She was also mentored by Dr. I find that table incredible!!

dm neonatology thesis topics

Complementary and alternative medicine use in treating pediatric surgical diseases including inflammatory bowel disease – Open access April Just as important is that this review, as many others, supposes that having fewer babies on oxygen at 36 weeks is an important goal in itself.


M D Thesis Molecular Genetic studies in patients with Leukodystrophy Division of Genetics, PhD Thesis Molecular Genetic studies in Indian children with Rett syndrome Division of Genetics, PhD Thesis To study the cognitive and behavioral profile of children with celiac disease before and after the introduction of a gluten free diet and the various neuropsychiatric manifestations of celiac disease.

Clinical video findings and cerebrospinal fluid neurotransmitters in 2 children with severe chronic bilirubin encephalopathy, including a former preterm infant without marked hyperbilirubinemia.

Prolonged FGF signaling is necessary for lung and liver induction in Xenopus. James Lemons as her focus expanded to multicenter clinical trials. That it turn led to the performance of studies to show that recombinant human IGF-1 can be given intravenously, that it increases measured IGF levels, and that we have some idea about dose requirements.

Acrodermatitis dysmetabolica in phenylketonuria – Open access April Recent Pediatrics and Neonatology Articles. Was the volume considered important? Ahlfeld, MD, investigates the effects of neonatal lung injury on alveolar repair and development.

dm neonatology thesis topics

Available evidence suggests that early lung, liver, and pancreas lineages develop from a pool of foregut progenitor cells in the ventral endoderm. Does severe anemia really affect the gut?