The influence of dietary grit on feeding behavior. Physical Anthropology 29, Cobb W. Lynn Copes, Quinnipiac University. Physical anthropology, primate social behavior, ecology, development, human behavior and evolution. Primate extinction and community dynamics at a new subfossil site:

Contributions of the gut microbiome to reproductive health in female primates. Applications must be received by January 15, Mouse lemurs as potential sentinels and reservoirs of diseases. Through both discovery and analysis, no single individual has done more than Elwyn has to enlarge directly our knowledge of the primate evolutionary past; and his indirect contributions in this area, through the training and encouragement of others, have been equally vast. A biogeochemical assessment of residential mobility in Bronze Age Oman.

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Since those days in the late s he has gone on to become the most productive field paleoprimatologist of his generation, obtaining extraordinary fossil-finding achievements in Egypt, India, and Madagascar and other places.

How female social relationships mediate stress in female scientists of color. Were Neanderthals biting off curriculmu than they could chew? Turning to just one of his intellectual contributions, Frank developed a focus on biocultural interrelations that formed the basic theoretical orientation for his work and that of many of his students and of his colleagues. Hammond, George Washington University.

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Michelle Buzon, Purdue University. I breastfeed, therefore I am.


Interpreting brain and skull phenotypic outcomes when Zika virus and undernutrition interact during early development. If an applicant is currently funded by a major organization and fulfills all of our other requirements, they may still apply if their application involves the development of a novel idea for which funds are needed to collect pilot data or perform another activity aaap get the new research started.

He is perhaps best known for his many works on numerical taxonomy, a field he co-developed with Peter Sneath. Site programming and administration: Age-related differences in nutrient intake and energy balance in wild Brown capuchins.

aapa curriculum vitae

Approvals to conduct the research e. Through his role as the interim director of the Duke Primate Center, we owe him a debt of gratitude for helping preserve this unique institution long critical to our understanding of the behavior, ecology, conservation, and evolution of strepsirrhine primates.

Malukiewicz, Federal University of Minas Gerais. Are skeletal trauma patterns affected by sociality? Biren Patel, Stony Brook University.

Individuals in non-traditional positions equivalent to these junior faculty positions are also encouraged to apply.

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If electronic submission is impossible, applications should be mailed to: Evolutionary modeling of craniofacial shape and functional performance in fossil hominins and extant durophagous primates.

Brace is a prolific scholar who has authored an enormous number of books, peer-reviewed articles, and other contributions. Morphological integration of the primate masticatory apparatus. Tecot, University of Currichlum. The awardee and the nominator are informed by the President in January prior to the annual meeting.


The Charles R. Darwin Lifetime Achievement Award

Measuring the effects of feeding competition at multiple scales in a frugivorous primate community. Through his decades of research in molecular anthropology, Morris has played a central role in reordering our view of the topology cudriculum primate evolution. Doug Boyer, Stony Brook University. Physical Anthropology 26, Amanda Tan, Dartmouth College.

Evidence from the temporomandibular joint of Middle and Late Pleistocene hominins.

Francis Kirera, National Museums of Kenya. George is a four-field anthropologist who has spent his life building elegant and compelling curiculum in research areas that are Darwinian in approach and practical in application.

aapa curriculum vitae

Paleodemography of Bronze Age Northwest China. Reconstruction of migration patterns in Mennonite communities using molecular markers: Skeletal analysis of the Lesula. Brandon Wheeler, Lecturer, University of Kent.