The first year of the course will be assessed through internal college examination. All work to be annotated with the recording of thoughts and ideas as well as observations and image analysis. Discussion and debate are a key part of the way this course is taught: Click here to find out more. Applications are still open Apply online to book a college interview. I have told the children that he would love to take a look at their wonderful writing, which, needless to say, is suddenly encouraging them to put that little bit more effort into their work!

Examine the visual and tactile elements, colour, pattern, texture, composition, shape, form, line, space, tone and their relationship to each other. Said and have produced some excellent writing based on the book. If a student or parent informs the College that they have a holiday commitment during term-time, an application must be made in writing to the Principal minimum 3 weeks required. English Literature A Level. Lessons involve a great deal of discussion and collaborative activity — though reading alone outside lesson time forms a key part of the course.

Picasso Art Wyke Travels the World: Since its humble beginnings educating students inWyke has since become one of the fastest growing…. Click here for more information.

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He feels overwhelmed by the bustling city which is stretched out in front of him. Students may also be identified by teaching or support staff after they start their programme of study. Make notes about the texts you read and the ways in which authors present characters and themes.

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This was very tricky at first, and still is a little confusing at times, but the children have made fantastic progress and have developed a very secure understanding.


New ideas will come from the findings from each shoot but can also be generated from mood boards, oblique strategies or other methods. HEALTH The College wykke information about health needs to teaching staff via our electronic system once students have declared a health or disability issue and have agreed to the homewrok being shared. There are lifts in all buildings and these are activated by the use of a lift key. In our parent handbook we give some information about these activities and processes.

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There is little need for rules because we expect students to be self-disciplined. Students are encouraged to develop a holistic understanding of texts in all their complexity. Staff can offer help with timetable queries, transport information, exam questions and much more. The Learning Support Manager can also be contacted to arrange a meeting during the College day or after hours Take a look at how we have applied this suspense toolkit to our own writing below: It can be accessed either by referral from a member of the teaching staff or by self-referral.

Most Learning Support staff have had manual handling training. Said and have produced some excellent writing based on the book.

English Literature

Essays and other homework tasks will be set regularly. The focus of the course is on learning to recognise, interrogate and analyse the many and varied ways in which authors create meaning. Students can access a free and confidential counselling resource in College where they can talk about any issues or homewor they are experiencing. Each student is allocated a progress tutor — tutors have a responsibility to oversee the welfare of homwwork student and to monitor progress.

Students are of course encouraged to broaden and enrich their experience of reading whilst on the course, so we provide wider reading lists and suggestions for all students.


Students to be editing summer work and recording ideas and potential development. Wyke College has a broad range of courses to match student interests, ambitions and ability. Is it a collage or montage?

wyke start homework

Some visual forms, especially those labelled art objects, after all, are often made to have a significant, deep and moving effect upon those who look at them. We have also proven to be rounding whizzes- rounding numbers with up to 6 digits to the nearest 10, 10, and ,! This is an opportunity for you to talk or write in an informed way about the chosen item, and to use an appropriate specialist vocabulary. Examine the visual and tactile elements, colour, pattern, texture, composition, shape, form, line, space, tone and their relationship to each other.

Parents may be contacted by letter, phone call or email to keep them up to date with support issues regarding their son or daughter. The phrase will be a starting point but you can react to it in many ways, it could affect the way that you approach your photography and subject matter or it may lead you down a path of lateral thought that will inspire.

hlmework Click here to find out more. Students who have support complete an Individual Support Plan with a member of the Learning Support Department and this is reviewed twice yearly. Homework Timetable homework timetable.