This advice came to me courtesy of Spitbucket. A few specific instances are lower, but in general, it has quite a strong pass rate. Here candidates are asked to write about 3 topics related to sparkling wine. Unit 6 is being offered in early September and the exam is on the same date as Unit 5. I left the evening one of the winning bidders on a case of this lovely wine — as did my favorite competing couple. I feel sorry for whomever has to try to read my last question, between my normally not-great handwriting and the cramps I was experiencing.

Unit 6 — Fortified Wines of the World. This was a fun bunch of Burgundy wine lovers and I was disappointed to be leaving them before I really had a chance to experience what the group had to offer. I just need to bring it out more often — at least a couple times a week. So I went into this exam much more confidently than the Unit 6 one. Covering all sparkling wines of the world in one day is not my ideal way to learn. The WSET Diploma is designed to give an incredibly solid understanding and knowledge of every major aspect of the wine industry and I have to say, thus far it has met this lofty goal. Before writing out my answers to the theory questions, I sketched out my thoughts on a scratch piece of paper.

wset diploma unit 1 case study

It was interesting, however, that one of the sommeliers I talked to before the exam was the opposite. Recent Posts Radio interview: For Unit 5 I continued to use my trusty Outlines of course as well as flashcards — which wsrt particularly handy when I was on the road or running.


Unit 5 — Sparkling Wines of the World.

Editorial Note by Hubs: If I allow it to, studying wine can dominate my life. Hubs and I have already plowed through every bottle that I brought home. But I do have a beautiful tasting notebook for me to keep track of my thoughts. Srudy brief aside before I get started: Registration is a two part process.

Or the actual writing. The foundation of the entire wine industry; the biology of growing the grapes and the chemistry of turning them into wine. Students choose the subject that most interests them over the 3 year registration period and then submits their paper in either the November or April due date. What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a family-ran business in the wine industry? Did they get the time wrong?

wset diploma unit 1 case study

Joining The Vintner Project. And, like much of what I do in life, would prefer to methodically and systematically go through my studies as opposed to frantically cramming it all in.

WSET Diploma – Outwines

Students will then download: They then have 30 days to research the subject, and come in and take a closed book exam, with specific questions asked relating to the subject. Not a great pass, but still pass. The Rosso di Montalcino zone of production is exactly the same as the more prestigious Brunello di Montalcino.

Whatever the case, to me — this portion felt rushed. In wser to being timely — which I still clearly need to work on — I made several resolutions for Does the bulk transportation of wine risk the quality of the final product and what are the economic advantages?


I left the evening one of the winning bidders on a case of this lovely wine — as did my favorite competing couple. This is reflected in the pass rates over the past few years.

Thoughts on: The WSET Diploma

After seeing the official reveal of the wines, I feel pretty confident about the tasting portion of the exam. DO practice the sample questions in the Unit 2 textbook. Answers in the Unit 1 case study examination should show clear evidence of critical analysis of source material and wellreasoned personal commentary, together with relevant examples to support the points made.

wset diploma unit 1 case study

This was definitely a highlight of — and one I hope to add more names to in ! Unit 6 — Fortified Wines of the World. I originally had this all worked out before we moved down to SoCal — my father-in-law the infamous T-Bone was going to be my spirits study-buddy and Hubs and Mom-in-Law aka Authorista were going to foot the bar bill.

The three wines were bagged up and each student was responsible for pouring into his or her own glasses. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. My wine school is doing one last offering of the Spirits Unit and exam. And who better to go with then my Best Galfriend with whom I could have fun in a cardboard box with.