Any program requirement exceeding 12 credits of dissertation hours must first be approved by the Graduate Council and Graduate Dean. After Graduate School approval, you will receive final instructions from Carol Steward. It is recommended that the student summarize the changes that have been incorporated into the revised proposal to assist the committee in identifying and locating the changes that have been made. Your advisor will decide when your dissertation is ready to be read by the rest of your committee. During the proposal hearing, committee members will direct questions to the student and point out concerns regarding the proposed project.

Contact UNC 20th St. Submit the graduation application. Please allow minutes. An Honorary member is not required, but is allowed when an off campus faculty member with research expertise related to the study is requested. Before the defense, meet with your advisor to review the expectations for this meeting. University faculty who have not been appointed Graduate Faculty, Doctoral Research or Emeritus Graduate Faculty status by the Graduate Council shall not be appointed as members of doctoral committees.

Arrangements for a room are made with the research advisor.

Thesis, Doctoral Scholarly Project and Dissertation Checklist

Your committee will need at least two weeks to review your dissertation prior to the oral defense. Bring signature sheets to your defense.

unco dissertation proposal

Your advisor will decide when your proposal is ready to be read by the rest of your committee. Confirm that your committee Research Advisor has reported results of the defense of your Porposal Scholarly Project to the Graduate School by the published deadline.


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You may not collect data until your IRB application is approved. Provide a copy of your dissertatiin dissertation to each of your committee members.

Thesis, Doctoral Scholarly Project and Dissertation Resources

Up one level Courses and Credit Hours. A decision will be made as to whether you pass, pass with conditions, or do not pass your oral dissertation defense.

Required Steps in Doctoral Candidacy: Approval from the appropriate institutional review board IRM for human subject research or IACUC for animal research must be obtained prior to collecting data for the dissertation. All doctoral students must submit a paper copy of the signature page with signatures of all committee members.

Contact UNC 20th St. Students should submit an electronic copy of the proposal narrative to the Graduate School. Dissertationn information about the Psychology Participant Pool to learn more.

The Graduate School will consider the proposal to be accepted unless the Graduate School Dean objects to the proposal. An Honorary dissretation member must apply for and receive Graduate Faculty Equivalence status. Preliminary data collection prior to approval of the proposal is acceptable only as far as it is necessary for developing appropriate skills and methods of research.


There is no official Graduate School Form to schedule a dissertation proposal meeting.

Electronic Attendance Policy

Once the proposal and final dissertation have been approved by the doctoral committee and the Graduate School, the Graduate School will authorize the Registrar to change all prior grades to “S”. Today Contact for this Page: It is typical for corrections and revisions to be made to the document after the defense. Discuss with the Research Advisor which publication style manual you are going to use to write your dissertation.

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unco dissertation proposal

The Graduate School must be notified of the replacement before the oral unfo, proposal hearing or final defense. The student and all members of the Doctoral Committee will receive confirmation of the approved committee assignments. Students must also assume responsibility for maintaining their own paper copy of the entire proposal in a secure location until the time of their graduation.

Dissertation Defense is scheduled using the Request to Schedule a Doctoral Examination form at least two weeks prior to the requested date.

unco dissertation proposal

At the end of this meeting, you will be asked to step outside the room while your committee discusses your performance. Work with your advisor to complete an acceptable dissertation.