Learn more about funding your graduate studies through a myriad of scholarship and award opportunities. Killam scholars should not be one-sided and their intellect should be complemented by a sound character. The fellowship is offered to graduate students from the Bukovyna region of Ukraine Chernivtsi oblast to conduct research at a Canadian university in support of their studies in the disciplines of Sociology, Psychology, Economics, or in Ukrainian Studies. Please include an explanation on the new nomination form. Awards will go to students who are considered outstanding teachers.

Graduate students must be nominated within one year of completing their term as graduate teaching assistants. Killam scholars should not be one-sided and their intellect should be complemented by a sound character. FGSR approves award 4. It was Mrs Killam’s desire that those awarded scholarships and fellowships be likely to contribute to the advancement of learning or to win distinction in their profession. January to June Graduate Student Awards: Each department is assigned an allocation please see link below. More recently, the Fellowship has been made available also to doctoral students completing their dissertations.

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There is no maximum number of units that can be awarded to a single student so long as a Unit stays within their annual allocation budget. Students must contact their department to indicate their intent to apply and be considered for the SSHRC doctoral awards. If FGSR has the official up-to-date transcripts, these transcripts do not need to be submitted again.

ualberta dissertation fellowship

Diseertation is one application process for these two scholarships; students apply for the Doctoral Fellowship and are automatically considered for the CGS-D if eligible.

Approximately 20 awards are granted each year. Exhibits a consistently superior command of the subject matter being taught and attempts to provide students with a comprehensive, coherent understanding of the fllowship matter Is prepared, organized and able to explain the subject clearly Is respected and trusted by students. International Student Funding Search from among the many funding opportunities for international students.


Graduate students must be nominated within one year of completing their term as graduate teaching assistants.

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Financial Support Additional financial support information such as bursaries, student loans, and tuition payment options are available here. Offered to outstanding students registered in, or admissible to, a doctoral program. Any changes to an original nomination must also be received by the above-specified dates. Fellowship holders may apply for a one-year renewal.

Granted for two years subject to review after the first year. The fellowship can be held for a period of two months to a maximum of four months.

You may not nominate a student who has already begun the PhD program. Students talk about their research and the awards they have received. Contact the admitting department yalberta additional information. Students whose teaching duties are outside their home unit will be considered, for the purpose of adjudication, to be from the unit in which the teaching duties are assigned. flelowship

ualberta dissertation fellowship

fellowshlp Recipients are not eligible for any further assistance from scholarship or assistantship funds after the conclusion of the month tenure. The duration of the fellowship will be one academic year.

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Each department sets its own internal deadline for receipt of applications and students are encouraged to apply well in advance. Expectations of a Graduate Student 3. They may inform students that they have been nominated for the scholarship and that an official offer letter will be sent to them from the FGSR. Applicants are evaluated solely on academic merit, measured by: FGSR approves award 4.


UADRS units that have not been allocated in the current fiscal year cannot be rolled over for use in a subsequent year.

Nomination deadlines are based on start dates and are as follows: Preference is given to students completing their dissertations as well as to students felkowship Canadian universities or Canadian citizens and residents.

Departments may choose to nominate individuals based on a variety of criteria including academic record, letters of appraisal, statement of program, applicant’s research, potential contributions to research, and other technical experience. In dissertaation circumstances, however, a substitute nominee may be forwarded to the FGSR for approval.

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Every effort is made to honor the criteria set out in the will of Dorothy Killam. Students who do not meet the minimum GPA requirement of 3. Award Resources Resources for students, faculty, and staff dissertatikn include: This is the most prestigious graduate award administered by the University of Alberta.

ualberta dissertation fellowship

Available to full-time PhD candidates who have completed two or more years of their PhD program and are actively engaged in thesis research at the time the award is offered. Note that digital signatures cannot be dissfrtation