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Usually two types of growth regulators used, a cytokinin and an auxin, are added to the banana growth medium. Ill drained, poorly aerated and nutritionally deficient soils are not suitable for banana. One of the most commonly encountered problems in in vitro culture establishment is the contamination. The sucker put into the bottle containing HgCl2 Shake well for 2 min. Selection of varieties, therefore is based on a large number of varieties catering to various kinds of needs and situations.

This also known as direct differentiation. Then they are Dipped into detergent water teepol micropripagation for one hour. Care full measures should be taken in growing PTC banana which can give a good job opportunity and income for the producers. The conventional method of vegetative propagation in banana is by means of daughter sucker.


But most of Banana is grown by planting suckers. The phenomenon of somaclonal variation in the plantain subgroup Musa spp.

Krishikosh: Micropropagation of banana cv. Malbhog for production of quality planting material

Saline solid, calcareous soil are not suitable for Banana cultivation. Thus, Taiwan bananas have maintained their popularity in the Japanese market over the last three decades, in spite of keen competition from the Philippines and Latin American countries.

Similarly due to the variation in age and size of sucker the crop is not uniform, harvesting is prolonged and management becomes difficult. Tissue culture plants are recommended for planting.

Thesis On Micropropagation Of Banana

Banana is the second major fruit crop after mango in Bihar. At first micrpropagation distilled water added and the bottle shaked for 1 min. The explants is then further reduced in size 0. Thesis for the obtention of a PhD in Agronomicpropagation of bananas and plantainsan influence on the efficacyto modify the micropropagation techniques CCWildlifeImpacts. Embryo culture is an important aid for classical breeding in banana since the germination frequency of seed is extremely low.

For various morphological parameters like mixropropagation height, leaf length, leaf width, leaf number, etc.

thesis on micropropagation of banana

Normal banana suckers which obtained directly from the plantation grows in 12 to 15 month where PTC plantlet will grow in 10 months. Thesis on micropropagation of banana Variants of this decontamination protocol exist. Suckers generally may be infected with some pathogens and nematodes. Scope of banana Culture Banana have lot of useful properties which built the pathway for banana growers.


Thesis on micropropagation of banana

The micropropagation of banana plantlets consists of five stages: For rapid in vitro multiplication of banana, shoot tips from young suckers of cm height are most commonly used as explants. In India this crop is being cultivated in climate ranging from humid tropical to dry mild subtropics through selection of appropriate varieties like Grandnaine. Maximum aseptic shoot culture establishment The banana is a short term crop banna it provides immense opportunity to produce PTC plants through out the year.


Topics by nbsp; elliottii bznana elliottii: Soil Soil for banana should have good drainage, adequate fertility and moisture. Therefore, in-vitro colonel propagation i.

After 1st sterilization a layer of the sucker removed carefully. They are soaked in Bavistin for 18 hours in order to remove the fungus and fungal spores.

KrishiKosh (कृषिकोश)

Many of these varieties such as Malbhog and Alpan have no match for their fruit quality. There are two stages in hardening process Primary Hardening Secondary Hardening The hardened plantlets are carefully maintained in green house.

thesis on micropropagation of banana

The technology development in agriculture thrsis fast, it results in developing Tissue Culture Technique. Monthan Poovan Nendran Red banana Nyali SafedVelchi Basarai Ardhapuri Rasthali Karpurvalli Karthali Grandnaine Grandnaine is gaining popularity and may soon be the most preferred variety due to its tolerance to biotic stresses and good quality bunches. It will take 2 weeks for rooting and fresh roots are arise at the base of the shoot.