An example was also found in the noun phrase of junior partner p. Due to the limitation of data, only some of them are explained as follows: The word geranium in the SL has the same form as the word geranium in the TL. The other analysis refers to the absorption and adjustment of spelling. A word borrowed from English as a celebration has gained the effect of borrowing against the Dutch. Screening coverage for cervic

Of mathematics he probably knew little or nothing. The research aspect ought to be mentioned in the study. Based on the meaning of both words, they are similar. Based on the meaning, the two languages are similar and the word category is the same. Universitas Udayana is a public university in Denpasar, Indonesia. In this case, the double vowels —oo- is combined into vowel —o- in the TL. On the other hand, proper noun is always written with a capital letter at the beginning of the word.

This “Cited by” count includes citations to the following articles in Scholar. The stem of those words are formal and sentimental. On other hand, borrowing is implemented in the TL because the foreign lexical items are available in Indonesian dictionary.

It is caused those words are not available in Indonesian dictionary. The word Cinderella is a lexical unit in translation.

The plural form in the TL is to show by repitation. The kind of translation is pure borrowing.

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Those are nouns and bound roots. Thhesis terfokus pada teknik — teknik peminjaman dalam mengalihkan unsur asing ke dalam bahasa Indonesia pada majalah cetak. Based on the meaning of both words, they are equivalent and the word is shared in the Indonesian dictionary.


That is a combination of double vowel into one vowel in the TL. The Translation Studies Reader. The word editor in the SL and TL is categorized as a common noun.

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Not far from this are the Baths of Titus; the grass and the poppy the flower of oblivion grow over them, and in the vaults below they shew you by the help of a torch paintings on the ceiling eighteen hundred years old, birds, and animals, a figure of a slave, a nymph and a huntsman, fresh and elegantly foreshortened, and also the place where the Laocoon was discovered. In this case, it is to use the specific word modern without spelling system adjustment.

Here, the word hotel is directly taken in order to take the function, as a place for living. Those words included; morally becomes moral, concentrate becomes konsentrasikan, romance becomes roman, mania tthesis maniak, fanaticism becomes fanatic, motive becomes motif, revolutionary becomes revolusi, and mile becomes mil.

However, in TL text, it does not have any specific linguistjk to explain weather it is plural or singular. This study was intended to be useful to a translator who is concerned with the translation of The Murder on the Links with reference to Lapangan Golf Maut from English into BI and vice versa and to be a reference for those who are interested in translation.

The borrowed word is eventually accepted as the second language. No SL TL 1 modern adj modern adj 2 mental derangement adj kelainan mental noun 3 junior partner adj partner junior noun Therefore, the TL was not translated into franc — franc or banyak franc.


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Instead of the word February in English Lawrence, No SL TL 1 instruction p. The word mafia in the SL unnud TL are categorized as a common noun. The research merely draws some conclusions. On the other hand, Weinreich discusses borrowing as the transfer or introduction of foreign elements from one language into another resulting in the rearrangement of the patterns of the TL.

thesis linguistik unud

When there are unknown concepts, they have been well known by the TL readers and have been acceptable in the TL culture. Because it is not available in the Indonesian dictionary, the word penny was directly taken from the SL into the TL. The adjustment occurs by adjusting the spelling of letter —y into —i in the TL toward the word brendi. Journal of Language Teaching and Research 9 6, It shows toward the word junior in the SL is stand for adjective however, the word junior in the TL is stand for noun as behavior.

The word villa unjd the TL is taken directly from the SL without any change. Verified email at unud. In the TL, the word romantic means relating to the love or romance, Oxford,