SQ3R is a reading strategy that can be used when students are expected to read and remember content material. When he taught reading comprehension, he found that the students did not understand what they read and the students did not answer the questions from the text. One meeting took 90 minutes. At the junior high school level, English is taught as a compulsory subject. Click here to sign up. Relationship between Reading Comprehension Strategy use and daily free Reading time. SQ3R technique is one technique in reading activities.

The objective of teaching English to Indonesian students is that the students are able to communicate in English both spoken and written to achieve the objectives of the study, i. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. The skill to comprehend the text are likely to make inferences by incorporating relevant background knowledge to found the implied information from the texts Woolley, Sometimes, the students ever finally decided on a definition only to realize that they have forgotten what they were reading and must begin the sentence or paragraph all over again. Moreover, the mean score of both groups is very different, where is the different is

Techniuqe of Literature, Language and Linguistic. Journal of Language and Learning, Vol. Second, the post-test given after the treatment. SQ3R technique helps the students to set study goals.

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The researcher also interviewed two students who were still learning Thessi reading comprehension at junior high school on July, 16th, Journal of Language and Learning, 21 2 Click here to sign up. SQ3R contributes as the technique to help the teacher convey the material easily and makes the students easy in receiving the material too.


thesis about sq3r technique

Journal of Language and Learning, 1 When he taught reading comprehension, he found that the students did not understand what they read and the students did not answer the questions from the text.

Pay special attention to headings, subheadings, topic sentences, and highlighted words, 2. The second one is the students who is a low achiever in reading afraid to make mistake in read a text in front of the class and also feel shy to their friend when do a mistake.

Improving Reading Comprehension in a Foreign Language: In this step, the students should retell the material they have just read in order to have thssis better understanding.

So, they can identify or understand to whom the pronoun refers to. In the third step of SQ3R technique, Reading, help students to understand unknown word or unfamiliar word in the text.

An investigation of reading strategies used by Iranian EFL intermediate readers. Then, provide a brief question that will engage the students, after that, provide an overview of the text about what sqq3r they would read.

On table 3, the result of the data analysis indicates that 9 students got very good score, 4 students got tuesis score, 9 students got fair score, 2 students got poor score and none of students got very poor score.

It means that learning reading comprehension by using SQ3R tyesis is comfortable, by using SQ3R technique the students easily to find out the main idea of the text, pronoun and detail information and the students admitted that the SQ3R technique need to be applied in learning reading comprehension because it assist them in learning reading comprehension. Journal of Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences 2 They will guess the questions that are commonly thessis by the writer and keep the questions in their mind or they can write on a piece of paper the questions that they have created.


While, for the question step is students will question themselves or create the question by themselves from the reading text that techique have just surveyed. It also prompts the students to use the review techniques that will helps to fix information in their mind.

They must read a few times to get the point of the text and this is problematic because they must read from the first line until the last lines of the text just to find out the main idea or the answer of one question.

There were 3 students classified as poor and none of the students classified as very poor. The T thwsis was Thesiss, they could minimize the mistakes they had before.

thesis about sq3r technique

In the first step of this technique, Survey, the students are asked to glance through the topic headings and try to get an overview of the reading to get an idea of where the chapter is techniqye.

The test given in two sessions. Ask students to read the selection carefully, keeping the questions in mind as they read, 4. Journal of Social Science, vol.

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Second language reading comprehension is known as a highly complex skill to master Phakiti, The data was techniquee in table 1. It can be identified that the experimental group score is higher than the control group score. The method in this study is mixed method with Quan-qual model.