About Sundarbans National Park Spans over around 10, sq km of area, the Sundarbans forest is shared between the two countries, India and Bangladesh. The acting out behavior to fight a potential intruding tiger is a symptom which has two components again. Share posts as much as possible. In a small proportion of cases the condition may follow a chronic course over many years, with eventual transition to an enduring personality change. Sarkar climbed back into the boat from the water. They used their wood-axes and wood-logs to injure the tiger.

The tiger attempted to reach him by leaning across the boat. Mangroves of the Sundarbans. Journal of Science Foundation. For other uses, see Sundarbans disambiguation. About Us Edin is a fully responsive theme that helps you to create a strong—yet beautiful—online presence for your business. Being unable to pursue the hunt under water, the tiger jumped back on the riverbank and disappeared. Still she has extreme fear of the tiger and feels upset if any such news is coming in to the village.

There was another cyclone hit in the delta of that have taken the lives of aroundindividuals.

sundarban delta essay

Around 2, sq km of total area of 4, sq km of the Sundarbans is occupied by the mangrove forest and the rest area is occupied by the water bodies across the 56 islands that constitute the forest. Flora in Sundarbans National Park: The sediment of the lower delta plain is primarily advected inland by monsoonal coastal setup and cyclonic events.

Information About Sundarbans National Park

She was not amenable to any logic. Therefore social and economic development and alternative livelihood opportunities [ 28 ] in planning will aid the prevention of these casualties.

Indeed a scene to behold! Popular on The Web. The name Sundarban comes from mangrove names: Before entering the forest, it is obligatory to offer puja and pray to the Deity for support and safety.


sundarban delta essay

This cyclone was prevalently known as the Bangladesh Cyclone. Sundarban Development Board is conducting a Fishery project covering an area of 50 hectare. There is an extensive network of indigenous magico-religious healers like Sarpa Baidya snake-bite sundarbbanGunin, Ojha and Fakir who by supernatural means and rituals Jhar-Phuk, Chants, herbal roots and enchanted water, amulets or talisman treat varieties of ailments, ranging from ghost-possession to veterinary problems.


The freshwater ecoregion is an area where the water is only slightly brackish and becomes quite fresh during the drlta season, when the freshwater plumes from the Ganges and the Brahmaputra rivers push the intruding salt water out and bring a deposit of silt.

The forest is also suffering from increased salinity due to rising sea levels and reduced freshwater supply.

It is an amazing place from where one can view most of the tiger reserve area and can also spot a large number of tigers from this watchtower along with the other existing wildlife of the area such as axis deer, crocodiles and other species.

It comprises closed and open mangrove forests, agriculturally used land, mudflats and barren land, and is intersected by multiple tidal streams and channels. This Tropical dwlta is the largest single block of tidal halophytic mangrove forest in the world.

Its high density relative to the availability of prey, and recurrent encounters with local people in the Tiger Reserve are probably the reasons for its habit of man-eating [ 13 ]. An exquisite variety of mangrove tree, one of a special kind, named ‘Sundari’ is found in abundance here, which also is the reason of naming the forest as Sundarbans.

The Sundarbans – UNESCO World Heritage Centre

The site includes the entire landscape of mangrove habitats with an adequate surrounding area of aquatic both marine and freshwater and terrestrial habitats, sunrarban thus all the areas essential for the long term conservation of the Sundarbans and its rich and distinct biodiversity. Crab and prawn is very popular here.


She cried loudly by holding her head because of constant headache. This site uses cookies. First few weeks after the incident, were extremely sad. Sundarbans East Wildlife Sanctuary.

sundarban delta essay

In a small proportion of cases the condition may follow a chronic course over many years, with eventual transition to an enduring personality change. She described the incident: Situated in a unique bioclimatic zone within a typical geographical situation in the coastal region of the Bay of Bengal, it is a landmark of ancient heritage of mythological and historical events. esway

About Sundarbans

Traumatic grief or complicated mourning is a situation where both trauma and grief coincide [ 67 ]. There was no one nearby.

Edited by Robert Woolfolk. If you are still wondering in the dark about this region, here we have got 11 amazing points that will illuminate your knowledge about this region. A saltwater crocodile in the Sundarban Crocodile Breeding Center. She felt extremely low with high anxiety, intensified sundaban her inability to run the family chores due to the deformity.

Ministry of Environment and Forest. Find out the details aboutThe Sundarbans national park is situated at the South Eastern periphery of the 24 Paraganas district in West Bengal, an eastern state in India.