Change the NE red one to blue, then hit the green one at NW. Defeat it and it might drop ‘Ryuu’ Burisugoa: Continue up and fight another battle here. Eventually, you will get a short scene when you can tell Piar is near by. Ultimately, it is your choice that you pick the US version over the Japanese version, so it is not my concern, thus don’t whine to me about difference you see. Continue on and more scenes.

Afterward, speak around and more scenes. You probably get a new summon, Powan. You would get another scene as you enter Mushrooms Valley. The boss is Exena Clone. Don’t have an account? Back to the village, report back to the fisherman. You are going to go throug the warp points to the right and left.

You will be controlling Tjesis this time around. Enemy ‘Dezagazel’ in Pebbles’ Wasteland Ro: Make sure you use the Warp Point here to enable it.

Summon Night EX Thesis Yoake no Tsubasa – Download game PS3 PS4 RPCS3 PC free

After scenes, go with Nova once you are ready. Save nighht game and go on. Knowing how to read katakana and hiragana help a lot with gameplay related things, especially with katakana which is foreign to begin with.


Focus on Exena and attack the side enemies only when you need to.

Summon Night EX-Thesis: Yoake no Tsubasa – Guides and FAQs

After you took the first teleporter, take the SW path. Item Box in Beast Forest Ru: So back track out the Mystic Forest to the after boss path, not where you first came in back in Act 4and take the south path as stated above. Enemy ‘Gorgoda’ in Mystic Forest Ma: Another scene and you will be in Lion King’s Gate. Exit out the village and continue your way on. After, more scenes and you will get a sword in the end.

It can not be used for profitable, commericial or promotional purposes.

You will be inside the Tower Of Reincarnation. Now, head to the Putrid Altar. Now, go north from this village to walmthrough the White Wall Sacred Mountain. Thus, you should know where to look for sites that have coverage on the particular game.

The boss here is big and got various attacks.

Summon Night Ex Thesis Iso

I have been saying this for nth time, and if you still don’t listen, face the consequences! If you are just a beginner, I don’t walkthroguh to help you if you got questions. It will send out waves surrounding itself, so get away from time to time.


summon night ex thesis yoake no tsubasa walkthrough

But, just attack once and run, repeat. You will end up in the that Abandoned Factory from before. You can warp back to the tower with the last option. Speak with the near Summoner for the Summon “Tete”.

Summon Night EX Thesis Yoake no Tsubasa

Go back up and speak with Muga. Check the walkthrough Miyo-jin, Mi: After, ylake north out of the village. After, back to Mystic Forest.

summon night ex thesis yoake no tsubasa walkthrough

This requires you to do 2 mini quests in Act 6 and 7 which you should have done already if you thexis this walkthrough. Item Box in Pebbles’ Wasteland Go near the entrance of the town to speak with Worel. Item Box in Pebbles’ Wasteland Su: You can’t go north due to that barrier.

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