Once, when there was some trouble with construction of a big reservoir, Krishna Deva Raya ordered the sacrifice of some prisoners. Madayyagari Mallana wrote Rajasekhara Charitramu. According to Portuguese traveler Domingo Paes, the traveler and the philosopher who visited Vijayanagara in , in the book written by him that the King Krishnadevaraya was of medium height and he was of the nature fair color and with a good figure, his body was fit in the fitness and had the signs of smallpox on his face. Rachuru Raichur and other strong places with his [Pemmasani Ramalinga] own men and prepared to proceed against the city of Golconda. Tirumala Raya, his son was made the Yuvaraja in His kingdom possessed fabulous wealth, much of that going into an ambitious building program.

Saluva Narasimha Deva Raya. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Telugu literature flowered in the early 16th century under the Vijayanagar empire, of which Telugu was the court language. He is very famous for his adminstrative skills and he believed that the King should always rule with Dharma in mind. After this everyday he would gallop about the plain until dawn. He lavished on the Tirupati temple numerous objects of priceless value, ranging from diamond studded crowns to golden swords. Raya crowned his six-years-old son Tirumala as yuvaraja and introduced him to the affairs of the state But within one year the young prince died.

In that line, Krishnadevaraya may have left his greatest mark and attained his greatest fame.

Krishna Deva Raya Biography

The emperor’s coronation took place on the birthday of Hindu God Krishna. Pingali Surana wrote the still remarkable Raghava-pandaveey-amu, a dual work with double meaning built into the text, describing both the Ramayana and the Mahabharata Battumurty alias Rama-raja-bhushanudu wrote Kavya-lankara-sangrahamu, Vasu-charitramu, and Haris-chandrana-lopakhyanamu. Krishnadevaraya pursues friendly relations with Europeans, granting Portuguese trading rights in exchange for access to trade goods. Similarly, those eight poets constitute the eight pillars of krishnadevaeaya literary assembly.


Cannabis or marijuana has long been considered an effective way to cure different complications. Paes describes the king’s attitude to law and order by the sentence, “The king maintains the law by killing. There remains a debate whether he was a Kannadiga or Telugu [46] or Tuluva by lineage. We do join here to pay our tributes to the great warrior.

However he could not serve for long because of his death due to poisoning. Historic city Hampi is built in his time and historians say that he has built well planned cities in his times.

A History of the Vijayanagar Empire. Krishnadevaraya administered his empire in accord with his manuscript Amuktamalyada. Inhe pushed beyond the Godavari river. One of the main characters is Periyalvar, the father of Andal. It was reported that he was a victim of poison He was of the opinion that the King should always rule with an eye towards Dharma.

Click here to cancel reply. Before this, he nominated his brother, Achyutaraya to his next king.

Krishnadevaraya Biography | Caste and Essay | Birth and Death Dates

He also utilized Portuguese expertise in improving water supply to Vijayanagara City. According to the Vaishnavite religion there are eight elephants in eight corners in space and hold the earth in its place. Furthermore, he considered Vijaynagar to be “the best provided city in the world” with a population of not less than a half a million.


He had a strong sense of justice and was ruthless in punishing offenders. Periyalwar, the father of Andal, plays one of the main characters.

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Views Read Change Change source View history. The Portuguese rose as a maritime power and, hence, controlled much of the sea trade.

sri krishnadevaraya essay in english

krishnadecaraya Extent of Vijayanagara Empire,C. Among these works the last one is a dual work which tells simultaneously the story of King Harishchandra and Nala and Damayanti. As elsewhere in Indian poetry for example, Sringara the sensual pleasure of union extends beyond the physical level and becomes ib path to, and a metaphor for, spirituality and ultimate union with the divine.

But after that, he becomes successful against all his communities. He was loved very much by his subjects and he even treated his enemies with honor.

We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. As a person from Rayala seema,the place which he ruled ,i feel very proud of such valient kings supported by such talented minister. This page was last changed on 29 Aprilat Emperor Krishnadevaraya achieved fluency in many languages.

Sree Rama Sarma Lord Vishnu commands Periyalwar to teach a king of the Pandya dynasty the path of knowledge to moksha.

sri krishnadevaraya essay in english