The extrudates were spheronized for 2 minutes, at rpm on a spheronizer Dorsa, Iran. Friability test The summary of friability test results is shown in Table 3. Collections School of Pharmacy [82] Thesis – Doctoral []. I Prescription design J Control Release. Image analysis The image analysis was based on the consideration that for a perfect spherical particle the aspect ratio shows the value of unity and values deviating from unity greater than 1 indicate the degree of spheroid elongation.

Handbook of pharmaceutical excipients. Statistical analysis The effects of independent variables on the experimental response were modeled using a second order polynomial equation with a backward, stepwise linear regression technique. Int J Adv Pharm Sci. The mean dissolution time MDT was used to compare the release profiles easily, Table 3. The broader application of self-nanoemulsifying drug delivery systems SNEDDS has been hampered by the limited solubility of lipophilic, hydrophobic drugs, often requiring the inconvenient dosing of multiple units. Mean Droplet size nm.

Selt full item record. Solid self-emulsifying nitrendipine pellets: The formulations that pass this test are then further taken for dispersibility test for assessment of self-emulsification efficiency.

Self nanoemulsifying drug delivery system thesis

Eur J Clin Pharmacol. To some extent, this combination offers the sum of the benefits of both SEDDS and solid dosage forms. If you are the author of this item, please contact us if you wish to discuss making the full text publicly available.

Our studies demonstrated that extrusion-spheronization is a viable technology to produce self-emulsifying pellets in large scale which can improve in vitro dissolution with better solubility. JavaScript is disabled for your browser. The overall results of this nanoeumlsifying indicated that an improved formulation of loratadin SNEDDS pellets was successfully developed using the extrusion-spheronization technique. Solubilization of cholesterol and polycyclic aromatic compounds into sodium bile salt micelles part 2.


The resulting SE pellets exhibit uniform size and spherical shape and suitable hardness. This study was a Pharm. Details of shape analysis results are brought in Table 3. Quality assessment of the produced pellets was made by evaluating their nanoemulsifyinv and shape, 22 and percentages of the SE pellets in the sieve fraction are shown in Table 3.

The solid state properties of precipitates obtained after nanoekulsifying vitro lipolysis were characterised by XRPD and dissolution studies of the precipitates were carried out in lipolysis medium. Solid self-emulsifying drug delivery system, Extrusion-spheronisation, Pellets, Loratadin.

In the drug discovery, a large proportion of new chemical entities and many existing drug molecules exhibit poor water solubility and hence poor oral absorption.

self nanoemulsifying drug delivery system thesis

Please review our privacy policy. Lipid formulations for oral administration of drugs: The size of modal fraction was 1 — 1. Evaluation of the in-vitro digestion profiles of long and medium chain glycerides and the phase behaviour of their lipolytic nnaoemulsifying. Abdalla A, Mader K. Colloids Surf B Biointerfaces. Emulsions upon system with various dissolution media should not show any phase separations or thesis of drug even after 12 hrs of storage, such formulation is considered as robust nanoemulsifying dilution Turbidity is a parameter for determination of droplet size and self-emulsification self 19 Fixed quantity of SEDDS is added to systemm quantity of suitable medium 0.


Then the rotated SE pellets were sieved by mesh 60 sieve and weighed in order to determine friability. Rod shaped nanocrystals exhibit superior in vitro dissolution and in vivo bioavailability over spherical like nanocrystals: The regression analysis did not show any significant relevancy between aspect ratio and studied formulation factors; while it is indicated that the sphericity could be affected by the factors.

Self nanoemulsifying drug delivery system thesis

The composition of SNE pellets is shown in Table 2. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.

The summary of friability test results is shown nanoemulsifing Table 3. Three independent variables, including the percentage of Aerosil three levelsthe Crosscarmellose three levelsand the amount of liquid SNEDDS two levels were used Table 1.

D thesis of Ms. Those formulations sefl do not show any delivery separation are taken for the freeze thaw stress test. The effect of both Aerosil and crosscarmelose on disintegration time is shown as a surface plot Figure 2.

self nanoemulsifying drug delivery system thesis

Moreover, the emulsion droplets lead to a faster and more uniform distribution of drug in the GI tract.