For one, using Jejemon language is recommended specially for security purposes: However, they are being observed by their teachers to have poor habits in learning the correct English. On the other hand, teachers play an important role in the educa- tional aspect of their development. Taglimonte and Denis Tiempo also points out that the fast growth of technology has brought many changes in the language of the people. American Psychological Association stated,. Log In Sign Up.

The way we communicate to express our ideas and thoughts is evolving with time. People should stop stereotyping and judging other people by their style since everyone has their right to express themselves freely. Accessed May 23, Many students were shaking their heads. Eventually other schools picked this up. This study aims to investigate the truthfulness of this issue on the jejemon texting style, whether it affects high school students or not in their social and educational well-being.

The data gathered are classified and categorized according to its morphological transformation category. They easily get influenced by the issues and trends in the society they belong.

The Effects of Jejemon Essay

Confirming the veracity of the conclusive statements made by eminent researchers and educators will help in retooling the program on communication and rseearch technology as used in education and industry. When interviewed, respondents revealed that they often used it in twitter and facebook. A photo of presidential bet, Gilbert Teodoro, has been viral in social networking sites where he, Lakas-Kampi-CMD standard bearer, is seen holding a paper with the words “Pababalikin ko ang mga jejemon sa elementarya Rsearch bring those Jejemons back to school.

Learning and teaching grammar is an important aspect of language learning. As can be gleaned on the table, the major social influences of the respondents were their text mates, closed friends, peers and the media that they are exposed with. Education Secretary Mona Valisno has said:. The site would also tell one how powerful the password is for security purposes.


Substitution of spelling Jejemons change the spelling as long as it looks like the original word; so the lines and loops of letters and numbers are exploited. After the analysis, the data resrarch were tabulated in order to get the frequency and papr percentage of the total occurrences of the identified morphological transformation.

The language of the Jejemons, called Jejenese, is derived from English, Filipino and their code-switched variant Taglish. The academic conference was held in the University of the Philip- pines from July 29 to When identified, respondents were invited to answer the ques- tionnaire and a short interview.

The research findings are the following: For example, leet spellings of the word leet include and l33t; eleet may be spelled or3l33t. To the linguists whose studies are focused language innovations and various sociolects, that they may find relevance or difference of researchh study to this study. Textual analysis was also done to further explain the noticeable patterns of jejemon writings.

Theoretical Background Developments in electronic instrumentation and computer science have already altered the way we look at the language Crystal, E-mailing had the least af- fordance as it may seemed to be a formal platform for communica- tion purposes.

research paper jejemon

Confirming the veracity of the conclusive statements made by eminent researchers and educators will help in retooling resesrch program on communication and information technology as used in education and industry. This feature is similar to clipping and novel spelling. On the other hand, the results further suggest an emerging trend and relationship if measures are not to be done.


The post also provided the sole reasons why they were considered threat.

J3jeHm0wnZxs: JEJEMON CULTURE: Misconceptions and Benefits

Squares Square Between Groups 6. These results imply that they have a comparable exposure to the jejemon style amid their learning abilities. Jejenese is characterized by exaggerated aesthetics incorporated in textual representation. Besides, the word was in existence before Jolina became a star.

This was normally done to come up with a speedy and easy way of relaying the message. This leads to the relentless popularity of jejemon in the different schools.

Many people in the online communities in the Philippines are experiencing the jejemon phenomena. Potential learning threats are posted if this phe- nomenon will not be treated well. In addition to that, this will also be advantageous for them since it will discuss on the profits one can obtain, regardless of being a part or not.

Jejemons are usually hated or hunted down by Jejebusters or the grammar nazi to eradicate their grammatical ways. As agreed by him and Healy, Jejemon really strikes the nation rapidly affecting a huge population of Filipinos especially texters and social network butterflies [7].

research paper jejemon

This was normally done to come up with a speedy and easy way of relaying the message.