Panikkar, a former Professor of History at Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi, shares his thoughts on various aspects related to the issue ranging from the growing politics of intolerance to the renewed efforts by right-wing groups to stifle dissent and debate in the country. This is hardly an academic demand. For many Indians, this is not just ancient mythology for an academic discussion, but also their own current religious beliefs. When an epic captures public attention, bits and pieces are always added on and bits and pieces are subtracted. The Delhi University incident is the latest example of this tendency; several other institutions have had a similar experience.

What are they supporting? Same brick-throwers, same response: Do you know of one where Sita doesn’t go with Rama to the forest? The author is Editor and Publisher, Permanent Black. And so you got the Bhagvad Gita, you got the Ramayana, you got the Vedas, you got all kinds of answers, because there isn’t a single sacred book, there’s a multiplicity of sacred books. Legally, a publisher in India who has offended a fellow Indian by republishing the views of Darwin and Einstein can find himself being asked to appear in a mofussil court in Kargil or Kanyakumari.

The following are some of the sources that discuss the implications of the removal of the essay from the curriculum:. So at what point do we ramanujanw the line on when it would be appropriate? So, inevitably there will be variants.

Nagarajwrites a pathbreaking essay on the Ramayan. At any rate their emotional content is often invoked for pressing political agenda. Not to mention the exponential number of variants hosted by Indian vernacular languages in classical and folk traditions.

ramanujans essay three hundred ramayanas

The Delhi University incident is the latest example of this tendency; several other institutions have had a similar experience. What people don’t recognise is that the story of Ram, what we call the Ram Katha, extends over a huge historical period.

It is a fundamental part of the story in many versions in South East Asia, that Sita is the daughter of Ravan and Ravan doesn’t know this, because she was secreted away. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Acting on the recommendation of this committee chaired by a retired bureaucrat, the government initially withheld the textbook and later changed its content, according to the wishes expressed by the leaders of the Catholic Church.


How would it look if, instead of standing its ground and defending its authors, such a press were to cave in, whine out an apology to medievalists for having caused unintended hurt to their religious views and promise never again to reprint supposedly offensive books?

Three Hundred Ramayanas: Five Examples and Three Thoughts on Translation

Two years later came the James Laine controversy. Recently the Vice Chancellor and the Academic Council over ruled the opinion of the history department, as well as the expert committee and removed the essay from the list of recommended readings.

Let me just go back a little bit into history and say that initially, many scholars believe the Ramayana and the Mahabharata were just epic stories about heroes, and that’s the way they continued to be for quite a while.

ramanujans essay three hundred ramayanas

For many Indians, this is not just ancient mythology for an academic discussion, but also their own current religious beliefs. There’s a distance of almost a thousand years between the first composition of the Valmiki Ramayana and Kamban’s.

Ramayana: An ‘epic’ controversy – BBC News

It is common knowledge that Renaissance and Reformation in Europe cannot be made intelligible without explaining the practices of the medieval Church. Prasanth P Nair marked it as to-read Oct 13, Anupama K added it Nov 11, Ramyaanas are also gradually regional studies The essay that the Delhi University does not want its history students to read A. I mean, this is very different from Buddhism and Jainism, where the stories … there are mythologies, very many mythologies, but at the same time, there is the hard core of the historical evidence of a historical founder, and what that founder is supposed to have taught.

There’s a political element that a says this is what my party doesn’t object to, and would quite like my supporting it, or b that this is really not my concern, it’s a political issue, let the Academic Council take a decision, which is why I gather there were quite a few abstentions as well, or c don’t take a positive role in this because tomorrow, ramanukans may be in the dock and no one will support you.


What is really involved in it is a cardinal principle of education — the right to know, even if the university syllabi are carefully filtered by the academic establishment. raamanujans

Three Hundred Ramayanas – Five Examples and Three Thoughts on Translation

On the contrary, it is pointed out there are certain limits to the freedom of expression and they should be respected. Nov 12, Shayantani Das rated it really liked it. Nayana added it Jul 03, Ramanujan carefully compares Thai, Malaysian and South East Asian tellings of Ramayana on the basis of linguistic studies and geopolitical routes through which the ithihasa reached orally, and the culture it got assimilated into.

This is a really very creative essay. The DU authorities, it is alleged, decided on this issue in favour of the dissenting opinion without consulting the larger community, when in fact this item was not even on the agenda. English Poetry most popularly knows him for his advance guard approach.

ramanujans essay three hundred ramayanas

He ends the essay with a funny folktale about the power of Ramayana, where the listener is entranced and caught up in the action, who is compelled to enter the world of the epic rather than being a mere by stander, thus erasing the line between fiction and reality. Are we seeing, over the last few decades, a change similar to that described by Sukthankar, of a group of people deliberately trying to create these definitive versions of Hindu sacred literature?

There’s a feeling that you don’t need to be an expert; this is all common sense. VasuHarsh rated it really liked it Mar 24,