For the second round, the contestants must choose a letter from the letters P, U, R, E, G, O, L, and D, letters that will form the word Puregold , the segment’s sponsor, each contestant must choose one letter. Eventually, Problem Solving gave birth to the phenomenal loveteam called AlDub , and the segment gradually morphed into a live impromptu soap opera called Kalyeserye. In the first round, two individuals must compete against one another to answer a question. For each question, a portion of a song, which were OPM songs ranging from to , will be played. Otherwise, if the player eliminates all of the empty hands, he or she wins the pot prize of P, It temporarily broadcasts from the Celebrity Sports Plaza, from the fourth quarter of to September 15,

If they correctly guess the words, they win the maximum cash prize. The second bomb has a distinct mechanic in which 6 guests from the show and others from GMA programs enter the stage with their cards that reveal the choice’s answer. The show’s 10th anniversary presentation was held on September 23, at the Araneta Coliseum. Its segments include beauty pageants, talent contests, quiz shows, interactive games, comedy sketches, and other unique concepts. Retrieved April 11, The family with the most number of scores given by the judges will be the winner. In between , several celebrities see former co-hosts were hired to join the show as guest co-hosts.

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Each bomb has a question. In the game, the picturist obtains their phrase by first popping any of the balloons on the floor. Solvihg segment is a competition in which rock bands perform rock version of popular Filipino Christmas songs.

One notable contestant is actor Danilo Barrios who joined the contest in and became its grand winner. The first contestant to give the correct answer will move on to the next cycle of questioning where he or she will compete with other contestants who answered correctly.


The group who will consume as many foods as they can in one minute will be the winner. Due to copyright issues regarding its franchised segment, this will not be uploaded nor live streamed on the show’s official YouTube channel. For the first round, the contestants zpril showcase their talents. Problej show’s 10th anniversary presentation was held on September 23, at the Araneta Coliseum.

Three people from the winning team are selected to earn a cash prize.

problem solving eat bulaga april 24 2015

There is already a number “0” in the hundred-thousands place in order to allow the host to make cash offers lower than one hundred thousand pesos. The segment is sponsored by the milk brand Eatt.

EAT BULAGA Juan For All, All For Juan April 15 2015 FULL EPISODE PART [1/10] | 720p HD

The segment is fully scripted and the outcome of the competition is decided by using a spinner. During the show’s special occasions, they were also allowed to use the network’s Studio 2 as a special venue. The only difference between ACTually and I Object is the theme and the setting, and that both teams must now require to mention the use and function of the bulzga. A subsegment of Kontrapelo: The contestants must guess the word from the three clues that the hosts will give.

problem solving eat bulaga april 24 2015

As a result, Eat Bulaga! The segments are organized alphabetically by title.

problem solving eat bulaga april 24 2015

The referee, Felipe Tauro, became a notable personality of the segment due to his Visayan accent when he says the word “Pwisto! The contestants must draw their own interpretation of the word “destiny” within two hours. Kiddie Ballroom is a dance competition for child pairs who can ballroom dance. The two groups will compete in an inflatable obstacle course.


After becoming a popular segment, Eat Bulaga! Each question has several answer choices based on different categories people, entertainment, showbiz, music, etc.

The viewers will then vote their preferred contestant through a Facebook reaction on the designated post from the official Facebook page of Eat Bulaga!

The said event became the trending topic across all social media sites.

That same year, the show renewed its blocktime deal with GMA Networkending speculations about the noontime show’s possible network transfer. The segment is divided into two parts: Music Hero is a talent competition for child musicians who are skilled at playing bjlaga instruments, such as piano, guitar, or drums.

Fat-Talbugan alternatively spelled Fat-Talbugan is a beauty pageant for overweight women. The verbal clues are any descriptions, words, and phrases that are related to the word. Find Your Luck is a game segment that involves oversized playing cards and two players. For the second round, the searcher and the candidate will be doing another matching game again.

Each team is led by two gay celebrities who are regular guests of the segment. Queen of Xanadu is a dance contest that serves as a promotional segment for the disco pop song ” Blaga ” by the Electric Light Orchestra and Olivia Newton-John after its release in The Ultimate Battle is a special segment for the show’s 38th anniversary wherein selected hosts would have a dance battle featuring the dance contests, hits, and crazes that were popularized by Eat Bulaga!