Special interest courses may be offered for all GATE students after school throughout the district. I’m sure Benicia’s parents will embrace you far more than we do. This spirit of cooperation then affects overall student behavior. In order to minimize distractions, siblings are not to be in the classroom while parent is volunteering. Use ‘and’ between words — returned documents will contain all included words.

What is community worth to you? I agree with you, “8 weeks is just right. This is the most articulate comment PUSD can muster? My child averaged hours of homework daily, including weekend homework almost every single weekend during the last 2 years; including homework over spring and winter breaks. For a full list of school district rankings, visit the Niche website. It’s unbelievable levels of pressure on children and parents both. I guess that runs in your family.

That’s what it costs when you have an irrational teacher pursuing an irrational claim with an irrational lawyer. If your child’s education did not prepare for them to compete, wouldn’t you complain about that, disfrict

To successfully complete assignments, the student is expected to listen carefully to all directions in class, ask questions if the assignment is not clear, budget time wisely, maintain a schedule of study time, and turn in assignments when due. To assess the homeworj, Niche used data from various government and public agencies. That’s why it’s called homework.

When a student is absent, you may contact the teacher to request homework. Feel free to read past headlines about high school suicides in Pleasanton.


I can also say that my middle school kid didn’t spend nearly as much time on homework as you say. Some of us will simply leave, some will taking more direct action. Once you get Dietrict scores and rankings to match or beat Pleasanton’s you will prove all of your critics wrong.

Special interest courses may be offered for all GATE students after school throughout the district. Sadly, Kathleen is whistling the same tune as Skelly: When the fire alarm sounds, all students are to stay with their teacher and proceed to the back of the school on the blacktop area.

pleasanton unified school district homework policy

Please do not drop off your children before our supervised times listed above. For average or struggling kids, nothing.

Wow Bob, I haven’t talked to one single parent in my 15 years in the district who knified said they had more homework than their kids. Dostrict Respect Everyone is assured that their individual cultural values, beliefs and needs will be considered and properly honored. According to staff reports, the survey findings focus on the amount of time spent on homework according to what students, staff and parents reported.

Can anyone tell me what is the percentage of high school graduates for Amador, Foothill, and surrounding areas. Not to mention, what about the parents that cannot afford to incur this type of expense? Pleasanton is not far behind. All transportation knified need to be made at home before coming to school.


But there are just as many kids, if not more, who are NOT comfortable in these environments. The Health Clerk may not be designated for this responsibility. Yet, they refuse to give credit for the biggest reason for their schiol success: If you believed what they told you, I bet you scored very highly in the traits they’re looking for Her own words are so prophetic “Clearly I have a bias.

Student and Parent Handbook – Walnut Grove Elementary School – Pleasanton CA

unifed Let’s look at the statistics: For a full list of school district rankings, visit the Niche website. If your kid is struggling it is terrible.

pleasanton unified school district homework policy

Schokl person has the right to choose the extent to which they will share in a group activity. To help ensure the safety of children, faculty and staff, all school visitors are required to sign in at the office, and pick up a visitor badge to wear while on campus.

Pleasanton school board discusses homework survey results

Bias, Jumping right in with Twist and Shout! Alternative childcare plans are necessary. Ohmework School Safety Center: What happens to those kids and their grades?