Evidence from combined cointegration approach. Will there be a dollar crisis? Reserve Bank of Australia. However, what happens when the middle generation is much bigger and more avaricious than the generations that came before and after it? The validity of the consumption-smoothing hypothesis implicit in the IOM has been tested using the net present value NPV approach suggested by Campbell and Shiller Therefore, reduction of the current account deficit could be achieved by reducing net foreign investment flow.

This is not to say that they should not be scrutinised but rather that the scrutiny should really be on the nature of those capital flows to examine whether they are being driven by inappropriate policies or distortions. Authors Year Study period Frequency Conclusion 1. In the context of an open economy when current income deviates from its permanent level the economy will find it optimal to borrow and lend in the global capital market resulting in current account deficits and surpluses in order to smooth out fluctuations in consumption. Bergin and Sheffrin q4—q2 Quarterly Do not reject 4. Australian Economic Review, 86, 29—

It tends to be that lack of savings requires us to go abroad, so be it for productive purpose, such as new mines, or unproductive, such as a housing bubble, we have to go cap in hand and offer a discount to get this capital in Australia.

Pitchford makes a comeback

Thesiis we even aware that this is the case and should we be concerned? The more I think about it, the more your point makes such obvious sense, I wonder why so many of us have never put two and two together.


Leigh I see you wrote the paper so thanks again. Table 5 Engle—Granger two-step cointegration test procedure.

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The current account and the macroeconomic adjustment process. These solvency ratios are static thessis and do not provide the size of adjustment costs required to reduce debt.

Some other weird stuff tied in with the CAD: Krugman compares investors in the dollar assets to the Coyote chasing the roadrunner in the Warner Brothers cartoon over a precipice defying gravity momentarily before landing in panic with a thud.

The pure theory of international trade underscores that free trade is first best and that any restrictions of free trade or also free capital flows will not only reduce national welfare but also global welfare.

Pitchford Thesis Current Account Deficit

Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 84, — Virginia Association of Economics. It undermines the monetary system.

Through the s, Australia’s average annual deficit equalled 4. I had got some relief from Leigh Harkness articles in pitchfogd recent past.

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Pitchford Thesis Current Account Deficit

Journal of Econometrics, 70, 99— Excellent piece, but I have a suggestion — you need to play the men bankstersnot the ball Banks. Princeton Studies in International Finance, The Krugman Coyote analytics predict that in the short-run the rapid compression of world demand for dollar assets can be disruptive but in the long run the slow increase in net exports will restore macroeconomic stability.

Sccount from combined cointegration approach. We have run a CAD continuously for the past 50 years save for one year we had a small surplus back in about The world is currently sending the US manufactuered goods and resources in exchanged for a value in a database table. The recent scuttling of the Chinalco Chinese Aluminum Co.


Within this country there are households that are at various stages of their lifecycle. Current account statistics broadly measure a country’s international trade — and include, among other things, goods, services, investment income and tourist travel. Can see overnight cash rates back to 3. Theory and applications to U. Current account sustainability; Paradigm and regime shifts; Pitchford thesis; Vector autoregressions VAR ; Unit root and cointegaration econometrics; Global financial crisis; Curreny twin deficits hypothesis; Bernanke global savings glut hypothesis; Australia 1.

These minimum t-statistics indicate the occurrence of mean breaks and slope breaks.

pitchford thesis current account deficit

The RBA should be protecting the monetary system; not washing its hands of any responsibility. Remember me on this computer.

The road to reform, essays in Australian economic policy. The great crash, the oil price shock, and the unit root hypothesis. Section 3 reports the empirical test results from the application of the net present value criterion which reveals that the current account deficits were unsustainable during the fixed and the whole study period and sustainable during curreht post-float period lending support to the Pitchford thesis.

However, what happens when the middle generation is much bigger and more avaricious than the generations that came before and after it?

pitchford thesis current account deficit