Doctor Senior Student Joined: Essay checking Hi this is an essay can u please check it for me and give me and informative mark. Here Jasmine proves that she does have a guilty conscious towards the way that the crosses were treated. Also if you can tell me if I have 1. I hope my comments are helpful All the best, ET8.

If they are under bad influence, they will grow up with those beliefs and likewise for those under good influence. In the novel Noughts and Crosses, Malorie Blackman completely reverses the stereotype of whites having more power to coloured people. Forbidden love is the foundation to which the downfalls of characters occur and is a key component to the storylines of both texts. I learnt about Aspergers from Christopher; Aspergers is a condition on the Autism spectrum, it is a high-functioning version of Autism, which means he can understand maths and science exceptionally well. Similarly, in Noughts and Crosses, Callum sacrifices his life for what he believes in. They are constantly challenging each other through the novel. Escaping hanging, Ryan gets a life sentence but is killed by an electric fencesupposedly in an escape attempt.

Their relationship evolves into a more mature, intimate relationship when the Liberation Militia abduct Calljm. I feel that this is influential to me because it is quite easy for anyone to say, “I give up” calpum everything is lost, but Atticus stuck to his beliefs and I feel that this is important. Fathers or the head of the family would often have the final say over who the daughter marries.

The idea of Juliet lacking control over her future was a key concern in the Elizabethan era in which the play was written. Due to the parochialism and croses of this society, Sephy and Callum must keep their friendship a secret as it would be frowned upon by both noughts and crosses. Jason Reitman used visual features of camera shots and verbal features of dialogue to achieve this. In conclusion the novel ‘Animal Farm’ written by George Orwell is based on the idea of corruption and the abuse of power.


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Vanessa calllum deciding between two yellow colours because it is a “neutral gender colour. Atticus Finch, Scout’s father, defends Tom Robinson as well as communicating the idea of racism’s negativity. Can you have a look over it and give me some ideas please.

Afterwards, Sephy cannot seem to stop crying, and Jude walks in.

I thought noughfs at Excellence level, we are suppose to move ‘beyond the text’ to show perceptive and noughte understanding. The main event is about the court case, which was about Tom Robinson assumingly raping Mayella Ewell and about how the racism and prejudice against black people affecting the community and the case.

We all have someone in our lives that help us, love us and guide us this is called Parental love.

Callum and Sephy’s Emotional Journey – GCSE English – Marked by

He would rather hang then kill their unborn child. For example, if the idea was ‘how our faith can be lost in the face of adversity’ would it be appropriate to relate this to the faith of the victims of Christchurch earthquake? I feel that Atticus was very wise in this manner and I think that most people in that scenario would have retaliated when Bob Ewell spat on Atticus.

Callum reveals to Sephy that he tried to catch crossss with her before she left for Chivers, and he was unable to catch up with her. This idea of uncompensated sacrifice is down to the matter of their love being forbidden. Macbeth essay-written text Please check my essay in this document. In conclusion, I believe that Vanessa and Mark’s relationship in Juno was very important as it taught us not to rely on first impressions.

noughts and crosses callum essay

Sign-up here it’s free. Describe at least ONE important relationship in the text. This shows how important treating people with equality is, as it is not fair to leave people and different races out as they can feel unwanted just like Callum did, which resulted in him changing into a dull and heartless person, simply by how he was treated by society.


By this, Blackman intendsed to show the reader that it is important to keep a mind of our own, nouhgts must make decisions for ourselves like Sephy did, which showed calluk reader how she was a true and honest character.

noughts and crosses callum essay

This essays that the world Callum and Sephy live in is a and reversal of ours. Callum sprints to Sephy’s house and fails to catch up with the car as it noughts out of the driveway. I found this interesting as it added to the dramatic action in the play. Hi ET I came 1st in English in my school!

Malorie Blackman’s Noughts and Crosses Paper

This novel describes an alternative histoiry where humans evolved while Pangae was still intact. This conveys the way in which crossea the Crosses found it hard to speak out against a firm, in place system.

The Hunger Games ended with the Capitol angry at Katniss for her acts of rebellion as she stood up for what she believed in — that the capitol should not have control of all of Panem in the way that they do. For example, Atticus knew that the prejudice in the community as well as even in the jury will never allow justice to be done and that Tom will be convicted anyway, even though the odds were stacked against Mayella Ewell her comment: This shows the importance of a good role model to children who will grow up as independent thinkers, and Atticus served as a very crucial and important role model to his children.

During the novel, I have learnt about courage, sense of sacrifice and being a role model from Atticus. It would be good to have a third body paragraph that discusses another technique that works with these techniques to present the idea of appearance vs reality.