From the literature review, the study established that several scholars had reviewed the concepts of factors affecting performance of matatu saccos. Excessive regulatory constraints inhibit business competitiveness worldwide. It also seeks to ensure that leaders act in the best interest of the organization. The study concludes that the SACCOs, the traffic police, county council and the ministry of transport impact the venture positively and negatively. The individuals who were involved in answering the questionnaires answered the questions based from their opinions but not from the existing facts in the organization. The study gave several recommendations and suggestions for further studies to address.

Research Data The results in table 4. The results shows that, with time things are changing and as men used to dominate and do well in matatu sector women too can do better. He recommended for the formulation of a comprehensive entrepreneurship development policy to nurture the entrepreneurs. Cooperatives and Millennium Development Goals. The questionnaires were self- administered to the respondents at their place of work.

Kyalo did an analysis of factors affecting performance of matatu enterprises’ sector by using a case of selected routes in Nairobi.

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Excessive regulatory constraints inhibit business competitiveness worldwide. In the urban setting of most developing countries, public transport is run by paratransit operators.

This low service performance was due to the deficiencies of public transport route network and the service capacity constraints. A case study of selected routes in Nairobi. Thesiz Conceptual Framework Source: Research Data Results in table 4. Interestingly, the significance of transport sector towards achieving sustainable development and as a component of sustainability has been stressed by scholars over the years.


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The study concluded that the weaknesses in the Matatu sub-sector can be reduced by improving the management skills of owners, lowering costs of operations, research, law enforcement and improving the road transport infrastructure by the government. Business skills whether formal or informal enable the owner of a business to seek growth and utilize opportunities to make profit.

This stemmed on the premise that, without adequate consideration of social, economic and political conditions of public transport service, sustainable development cannot be realized.

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The final aim of the work was to give a review as comprehensive as possible of the objective indicators, and to provide some suggestions for the selection of the most appropriate indicators for evaluating a transit service aspect.

To this effect, researcher was forced to engage the respondents in a brief interview to let them know the importance of this study as a strategy to avoid lack of cooperation. Majority of Kenyan s today use public transport as way of linking them from one destination to the other.

Having worked for long period in the sector hhesis that you have a lot of experience and knowledge in running the business. Open ended questions were availed and space left for filling in the relevant explanations.

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The third party for 14 and 25 seater ranges between Kshs. Government policies are good as far as the performance of the Matatu business is concerned; however the policies on forkat safety have resulted in massive corruption among the traffic police officers. It also seeks to integrate various modes of existing transport systems, many which are informal, into a larger formal system World Bank, Significantly, basic employment policy in Kenya does not cover Formt workers.


The information you will give will be highly appreciated, treated with confidentiality and used for the purpose of the research. Determinants of growth oriented small and medium enterprises in Nairobi, Kenya. This involved the use of descriptive statistics mean, frequencies and percentages analysis method to ensure accuracy.

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Research Methods; Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches. It is paramount to allow conducive business environment for the Matatu sector so as to ensure that the investors get good returns.

The study focused on the five active Matatu SACCOs with a total membership of and 20 permanent employees at the management level.

Mccormick, Mitullah, Chitere, Orero and Ommeh reviewed paratransit operations and regulation in Nairobi matatu business strategies and the regulatory regime. Questionnaires were designed in a simple form which were easily understood and were delivered to the respondents who participated in the research study. Putting aside the difference in statistics of NMT users, we see that a significant proportion of Nairobi residents rely on non-motorized transport for their trips despite the growth in Matatu numbers over the years.

International Center for Economic Growth Matatus have grown over the years since independence. International Monetary Fund Africa is striving to industrialize but often, government policies or their absence provoke immense costs and adverse reactions by the entrepreneurs. Newsletter issue 2, April International Labour Office, Geneva.