Students are to remain in the cafeteria area for the entire lunch period unless they have permission and a pass to move to another area. We want to hear from you. Our intent is to develop an atmosphere to enhance your opportunities to become involved and to enable you to build relationships of understanding and acceptance with your peers. Students are prohibited from using ECDs to capture, record or transmit the voice i. These resources will More information. Student participation in developing and maintaining good discipline is encouraged. And the Board believes that a diverse community committed to diversity and tolerance is best served by open discussion, respectful exchange of viewpoints, and a collective effort toward understanding.

The Board recognizes that the United States and Ohio Constitutions guarantee the right of free exercise of religion and also prohibits governmental establishment of religion, and The Board respects the right of conscience and belief that all individuals enjoy. A flier has been sent home with all 8th graders which describes the class picture that can be purchased. When a student is expelled from this District, the Superintendent shall send written notice to any college in which the expelled student is enrolled under Postsecondary Enrollment Options at the time the expulsion is imposed. It is understood students will self-medicate for headaches and bodily pains, but when over the counter medication is used on a regular basis, the student will need to comply with this policy. A ceremony will be held in the morning to recognize Pride of the Pack winners and other student achievements. The professional and academic standards you will practice in this course will reflect the extraordinary character assembled at Cambridge More information. Departments of Education and Health and Human Services developed a Web site that contains a wealth of information to help schools and families deal with bullying.


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Jordan Sherman 1 years ago Views: Excessive show of affection. The teacher, not the mccod, dismisses class. They provide one of the few opportunities in school to learn formal audience behavior.

On occasion announcements are also made homeworm the beginning of second period. As with any other tests, students must do their own work and keep their work to themselves. Sylvania Hillsborough County Public Schools is hiring teachers in all subject areas. The Superintendent shall initiate expulsion proceedings against a student who has committed an act that warrants expulsion under Board policy even if the student withdraws from school prior to the hearing or decision to impose the expulsion.

Permanent exclusion shall mean the student is banned forever from attending a public school in the State of Ohio. Students will be notified when their privilege of attending a school dance has been revoked.

Mandatory attendance at a smoking educational program.

8th Grade Musical Theatre Performance

AprilAprilFebruary Occasionally, a change in an individual student s schedule may become necessary. Harassment During a verbal argument More information.

If you are interested or have any questions, please feel free to contact Mrs. Purpose The Board expresses its belief in the accompanying policy.

Similarly, horseplay often results in fighting. The make-up of the student population will make your experiences unique because of the wide range of differing environmental, economic, social, and educational backgrounds among our students.

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Information regarding the policy shall be incorporated into employee training materials. Parent Notification Parents should call the school prior to 8: The Challenger Learning Center is offering camps for students entering grades K in rocketry, robotics, micronauts, and more.


mccord junior high homework matrix

The notifications can reach you via email or mobile phone messages. A dismissal prior to Parking privileges on school property may be revoked. The copyright holder is given certain exclusive More information.

mccord junior high homework matrix

The kits will be delivered to Timberstone and you can pick them up at the Wolf Pack Welcome on August 9th. The Board encourages the study, recognition and celebration of the many traditions of our community members. A knife is defined as any weapon or cutting instrument consisting of a blade fastened to a handle; a razor blade; or any juniorr device including sharp, metal martial arts weapons such a ninja throwing stars that is used for, or is readily capable of, causing death or serious bodily injury.

Food and drink may NOT be taken from the cafeteria into the halls or out to the playground. Regular Day Schedule More information. Continued violations will result in discipline. This equipment should only be used for the purpose designed. A student will mztrix a registered user through the completion of a Network and Internet Access Agreement form.

This agenda has been prepared. Minor, for the purposes of this policy, is an individual who has not attained the age of