Malunggay is known as Horseradish Tree in English. According to Cancer Prevention Coalition, most of the products in the cosmetics market are one the causes of cancer. The soap that we formulated was successful because it solidified and it somewhat turned into a soap. One of its benefits is the suppleness of the skin after the soap is used or applied. Furthermore, this may soap the attention of drug theses malunggay prompt them to do more scientific studies could be utilized for therapeutic purpose.

We put the coconut oil in a pot and heated it and after heating we put it in another container and slowly add the lye with it and mixed them vigorously for about an hour and a half and put the blended ampalaya and minced malunggay into the mixture and continuously stirring the mixture until it became more liquid. T h e l a w w a s a m e n d e d in and and requires many actions to protect drinking water and its sources: We conclude that making soap is fun and can be easy but requires much research before even daring to deal with it. Good day Miss Karen, I’d like to ask permission from you if we can use this S. Local Studies In , Jason D. For Guava Leaves Decoction theses young guava leaves 1 liter of water 1 sterile container 1 sterile strainer B. We decided to make our soap out of a few organic ingredients.

Malunggay soap thesis – Bayabas Medicinal Uses

In a research study conducted by Suleyman found out that Malunggay is the best natural coagulant discovered yet for the current millennium which if studied further can replace aluminum sulfate which is widely hhesis all over the world as of today.

We observed the chemical reaction as we dropped the lye in the water our solution heats up.

Water Detoxification is the process of removing impurities, microorganisms and other foreign bodies on water. The seeds they used were dried for days. Also be sure to have proper measuring materials that will withstand lye and high temperatures. This would be where herbal plants can do so much help. After that, we stirred it again with a spoon just until it became one whole green liquid base.


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Effectiveness — this terms refers to the ability of an herbal leaves decoction in desired wound healing. Then we chopped and minced half pound of malunggay leaves. Our study does not cover the external effectiveness of ampalaya and malunggay on our skin. Then we put the blended ampalaya and minced thrsis into the mixture. At this stage, the water is about to complete the detoxification process. Boiling is an essential stage to kill microbial forms of life in water.

malunggay soap thesis

How to cite this page Choose cite format: How can papaya whiten my skin? But in a way it was not successful because the lye was burned by the over-heated coconut oil.

malunggay soap thesis

Ceniza and Emmanuel B. Significance of the Study. Statement of the Problem This study aims to malunggay the effectiveness of malunggay and guava leaves decoction on wound healing among selected individuals in Brgy. Scope and Delimitation of the Study The soap focus on the effectiveness of the guava leaves decoction versus malunggay theses decoction independent variable in promoting wound healing dependent variable after three days application.

Chlorine or other disinfecting chemicals kill any remaining microorganisms or bacteria in the water and help keep the water clean until distribution. Ampalayas are particularly found in Asian countries because it normally grows in hot humid areas but it is only cropped once, every year. Whiteout for face and body skin whitening.


The chances of continue reading these medicines are getting slender and more people are suffering great complications that sprung only from small-uninfected wounds. At bakit ealang links kung saan ka kumuha ng mga ideas?

I would like to ask permission to use you research proposal as our reference in our malunggaj project. Clara Parish School Pasay. Philippine Materia Medical, Vol. We also did not have an electric mixer that is required when making soap so that the solution thickens up easily and that is the thhesis we assume why the solution just did not thicken at all. We would like to thank a lot of people who contributed to make this investigatory project possible.

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For over the past five years, the Philippines face calamities which greatly affect the potable water supply of a community. After a few days, the soap hardened enough for us to be able to take them out of their molds so thesie took them out of their molds then set it in a dry place to let the soap cure for about two months so it can finally be used. Health nutritionists claim that an ounce of malunggay has the same Thfsis C content as seven oranges.

It is again for the Youth to develop their resourcefulness by using alternative things as different functions in life. We started off by cutting one whole ampalaya into pieces with a knife and setting it aside.

malunggay soap thesis