The Rizal Park and Monument was built on commemoration on the National Hero who gave his life for the liberation of their country, Dr. Indeed, Rizal Park has blossomed into a radiant fulfillment of what the Filipino hero himself might have dreamed. The first part of the questionnaire included the profile of the respondents such as: The result is huge for frustrating traffic jams which pollution and affects both tourist and local people. Click here to sign up. It further assumed that the effect of the development on Rizal Park were accurate representation of Tourists perceptions.

This park is truly a sanctuary of all people in different walks of life National Parks Development Brochure. Percentage to make quantitative comparisons of the profile of the respondents. Background of the Study It has been said that the Philippine tourism industry is in a state of transition, a slow yet remarkable process of changing landscape. To get a unique essay Hire Writer. Subject of the Study The subjects of the study are mainly local and foreign tourists who visited Rizal Park.

Skip to main content. As such tourist arrivals will reach unprecedented levels accounted for mainly by sponsors and participants of international conventions as well as by tourist from nontraditional markets that travel for leisure, recreation and business purpose.

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The Park is considered as the favorite place of tourists both local and foreign to stroll around. Although it was hot that day I really enjoy.

Most of the respondents believed that the Rizal Park are established to protect more recent records of human activity, in which special measures are taken to protect the features of historical interest. The park is indeed a luneat to people from all walks of life. I enjoy the seminar because they teach us the proper way in bed making and how to make a cocktail.


Rizal Park is a portrait of strength of the Filipino having with of 4.

Local Studies Rizal Park, as is thfsis today is the product of years of dedicated and painstaking effort by thousands of known and unknown citizens who gave of their time and their labors to create beauty where there was nothing but yawning wilderness in the very heart of our premier city.

The visitor paying USD a day at a resort or hotel expect a great deal more; perhaps sand beach. It was used to tabulate the data, with as corresponding frequency for each category and it described the distribution of scores to be obtained.

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Its continued cleanliness and order is a tribute to the people who use it more than to those who tend to it. This study is related to the present research because this gives to the entire tourist, like the problems that they may encounter as they visit the places, like traffic, pollution and crowd in Manila. It refers to the people who visit luntea park. Our tour guide was very accommodating.

Tourism and Rizal Park

Our last destination is the City Garden Hotel. The first part of the questionnaire included the profile of the respondents such as: National Parks Development Committee N.

luneta park thesis

It is Philippines history captured from the past and preserved for all to see, read and enjoy. Respondents must be foreign and local tourist.

According to Philippine Republic National Economic and Development Authority, The Philippines will have already established itself prak a leading tourist destination area due to intensive promotions and marketing abroad.

We enjoy the sceneries like gardens, historical markers, plazas, a grand stadium, an observatory, an open-air concert hall, an artists’ sanctuary, a light-and-sound theatre, restaurants, food kiosks and playgrounds, and dozens of fountains.


The second part perception of Rizal Prak.

luneta park thesis

Historic sites have always been popular attraction for both domestic aprk international travellers. When we arrived there I appreciate their effort to welcome us. Parks, both private and government enterprises operate various kinds of parks, including amusements parks. Unlike national parks, built attractions are usually set up especially for tourists.

He designed a U-shaped composition of buildings, but only three were constructed. We had given a time to lubeta there and also to rooming around the mall. It will also give them accurate insights about the effects of the development of the park to tourists. Because that will be my second time to go there.

Foreign Literature Much media attention has focused on the tourism industry on the natural environment. Background of the Study It has been said that the Philippine tourism industry is in a state lineta transition, a slow yet remarkable process of changing landscape.

Table 9 shows the perceptions of the respondents on the facilities of Rizal Park.

It describes what currently exist, like current conditions, causes and effects relationship, trends, situations and interpretations of such data, since the study deal with the assessment of existing amenities and services concerning the possible alternatives towards a more vibrant Rizal Park.