Suppose his sample size is , then he must sleet 50 from each year from first to fourth. Disadvantages limitations of convenience sampling The convenience sample often suffers from biases from a number of biases. While quota sampling improves the representation of specific strata within the sample, it also ensures no overrepresentation. This article discusses the principles of non-probability sampling and briefly sets out the types of non-probability sampling technique discussed in detail in other articles within this site. A potential ethical issue Going back to the example of the effect of a carbohydrate free diet on the concentration levels of female university students in the classroom , an under-sized sample does pose potential ethical issues. At the same time, you have a duty not to fail to achieve what you set out to achieve.

Whilst you don’t want to be wasting peoples’ time, and should try and avoid doing so, this is not a major ethical issue. Thousands of customers visit the store each day but you only need to sample from them conveniently. By Mohamed Adam, Hassan. What if you could have come to the same conclusion with fewer students? You intended to collect your data using a survey.

This is one of the basic principles of research ethics.

Non Probability sampling & its types

It is also necessary to describe the individuals who might be left out during the selection process or the individuals who are overrepresented in the sample. It may be that the organisation has multiple sites, with employee satisfaction disserhation considerably between these sites.

This is disproportionate stratified random sampling. Random sampling is another form of sampling that differs greatly from convenience sampling, and is often samplimg to gain a more accurate set of data from the population. After a period of time e. Was it because some employees were simply too busy?

laerd dissertation convenience sampling

Advantages of total population sampling Since total population sampling involves all members within the population of interest, it is possible to get deep insights into the phenomenon you are interested in. Disadvantages limitations of convenience sampling The convenience sample often suffers from biases from a number of biases.


laerd dissertation convenience sampling

Sometimes the word units is replaced with the word cases. This type of sampling would be used when accuracy is a must. Example study Total population size Uncommon characteristic s Example 1 The psychological aspects of people living with a rare disease that affects just 1 person in every 1 million people i.

Non-probability sampling | Lærd Dissertation

Pick any convenjence on the table, and read across or down until you come to a number between 1 and 4. However, this is not the case for researchers following a qualitative research design. This can be seen in both of our examples, whether the 10, students we were studying, or the employees at the large organisation.

This method allows for more accurate theories to be developed and is overall a more thorough form of data collection, though it is more time consuming and generally more expensive than other types of sampling.

Did not trust the intentions of the survey? Advantages and disadvantages of total population sampling There are a number of advantages and disadvantages to using total population sampling. The same is true if researchers are analyzing a local pack of animals to see if any of them lack a certain trait. Sa,pling, it is recommended to use samples of no smaller than 30 for each group in the experiment e. Sampoing is a potential ethical issue. Some of the key sampling terms you will come across include populationunitssamplesample sizesampling framesampling techniques and sampling bias.


Many people do not understand the theoretical underpinnings of probability sampling and treat any survey results as accurate representations of the target audience. The article is divided into two sections: Convenience samples can provide rich qualitative information.


laerd dissertation convenience sampling

The important point is that you do not want to expose individuals to distress or harm unnecessarily. In such cases, there are samling ethical concerns. For this reason, we have to think carefully about the types of sampling techniques we use when selecting units to be disserttion in our sample. Self-selection sampling is appropriate when we want to allow units or cases, whether individuals or organisations, to choose to take part in research on their own accord.

Practical reasons Non-probability sampling is often used because the procedures used to select units for inclusion in a sample are much easierquicker and cheaper when compared with probability sampling. Creating a total population sample To create a total population sample, there are three steps. You decide to spend the two days at the entrance of the organisation where all employees have to pass through to get to their desks.

If you are following a probability sampling techniqueyou’ll know that you require a list of the population from which you select units for your sample. The convenience sample may help you gathering useful data and information that would not have been possible using probability sampling techniques, which require more formal access to lists of populations [see, for example, the article on simple random sampling ].

Say your student body of 10, students samplung made up of 8, – West; 1, – East; – Midwest; – South; – Foreign. For example, this method does not allow the researcher to have any control over the representativeness of the sample.