A Play About a Good Woman. If a man and a woman have sinned, let them both go forth into the desert to love or loathe each other there. Although these attempts would presumably achieve some sense of certainty, these efforts prove to be futile – rather than answers, all they seem to achieve are more questions. Furthermore, the appearance of Mrs Cheveley too conforms to the stereotype of the fallen woman. I am disgraced; he is not.

I am disgraced; he is not. His parents were both intellectuals, his father a surgeon and his mother a writer Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. Characterisation techniques 2 1. Invective such as ‘despised, mocked, abandoned, sneered at’ correlated with being an ‘outcast’ confirms such a puissant flaw. Good and Bad 1. Society and Subversion in the Plays of Oscar Wilde.

Right at the beginning, the reader or the audience is confronted with Lady Windermere. Within such systems, woman is always connected to and inseparable from man.

thesix Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. She does not even want Lord Darlington to make her compliments, for example. Considered to be the height of the industrial revolution and the empire of Britain, the Victorian era was a period of contradiction.

Social Criticism in Oscar Wilde’s Lady Windermere’s Fan

Skip to main content. Towards the end of the 19th century, Wilde produced the three comedies that I will focus on in this essay.

You are more windermeress me than innocence. Victorian women were put in a position of dependency on on men. Feminist Theory and Postmodern Culture, Rita Felski mentions the negative culture images of women Thus, degrees of moral hypocrisy could be seen; the exterior of etiquette was in no way synonymous to the social decay burgeoning beneath. Wilde’s subversions of character such as with Lord Darlington, having confessed love despite his role in society as the philanderer, outlines emotion’s overpowering nature over appearance.


A critical analysis of the play Lady Windermere’s fan by Oscar Wilde

Lady Agatha, as inferred by her one dimensional lines of ‘yes, mamma’ and her infallible following of her mother’s commands, is reduced to the conventional role of a child and acts as civilisation expects the young to act. The text also emphasises how she can only see bad or good, thus being quite narrow-minded. It does not matter if a person is homosexual, bisexual or transsexual. In writing Lady Windermere’s Fan, Wilde was forced to construct a play which not only could critique society’s vacuity but so too engage his audience as entertainment.

lady windermeres fan thesis

The Victorian Era was a time of change and development. We must note though that the last sentence disrupts windermrres declamatory tone of the passage, making it rather ambiguous. From the very first act, the setting of ‘Carlton House Terrace’ not only suitably ladt that of the aristocratic classes but as well as indicating the enveloping dominance of materialism over this era.

The cold, detached way in which she utters these lines are reminiscent more of the witty lines of a dandy like Illingworth, than those of a Victorian woman.

lady windermeres fan thesis

It is indeed likely that in initially being the recluse, Wilde was able to more meticulously dissect the disingenuous manners of his social superiors and contrasting that to the character of the lower classes. Lord Darlington is introduced to us as coming to see Lady Windermere, not her husband. Lastly, I will study how the visions of femininity and womanhood in the Victorian era was based on patriarchal notions, resulting in Woman being defined by Man.

Akin to the characters of Lady Windermere’s Fan themselves, the play masks itself as merely more than comedic theatre, satisfying social demands, in looking beneath what seems, Wilde’s scathing criticisms becomes abundantly clear. These factors of implicit self-characterisation enforce the impression you get from what is said.


A critical analysis of the play Lady Windermere’s fan by Oscar Wilde :: Theses

Taking setting, the comedy appositely captures the visual reflection of the Victorian era conveyed by the mechanics of the set and props such as ‘bureau with books Do you think then- of course I am only putting an imaginary instance- do you think that in the case of a young married couple, say about two years married, if the husband suddenly becomes the intimate friend of a woman of- well, more than doubtful character, is always calling upon her, lunching with her, and probably paying her bills- do you think that the wife should not console herself?

Examining the introductions of Lady Chiltern, Mabel Chiltern and Mrs Cheveley as well as those of Sir Robert Chiltern and Lord Goring we find quite contrasting usages of adjectives and other descriptive words. Moreover, his intellect windermeges mentioned, as well as his will-power Wilde It is a play of stereotypes and distinct divisions between male and female authority, as well as private lary public spheres. Let all women who have sinned be punished.

Lady Windermere feels obligated to either stay by her husband or to escape her marriage directly into the hands of Lord Darlington.

As an example, In the final Act, she shows no sign of disapproval at Lord Goring’s highly conservative and derogatory speech: Help Center Find new research papers windermerres Mrs Erlynne is also the only character of the play with full knowledge of the situation, which puts her, a woman, at an unconventional point of vantage.