In this, I took the lead in the main aspect of the event, the entertainment. Skip to Main Content. Your current paragraphs have more definitive presentations of the skills as required in the prompt. For initiative, show how you led by example during this period. During the planning of the event, I formed a committee and took lead in the decoration aspect of the event.

Portray the method by which you were able to influence the team to deliver a memorable dance based upon the way that you used the character traits of teamwork, initiative, achievement, commitment and breadth to deliver the expectations of the school faculty and the students. The following winter, I achieved my Level 2 certification and further improved my teaching and skiing skills. Your achievement both inside and outside of the classroom is very important to our decision. We want you to pursue your personal interests and we value each area of leadership equally, from student government, to athletics, to music, to community events, just to name a few. After continuing my involvement as a model in grade 10, I increased my responsibilities in grade 11 when I was selected for lead roles in logistics and public relations.

High School Students at Ivey HBA

While credits may be obtained through Advanced Standing, these credits cannot be counted towards the Remember, you want to show breadth in your activities and experience in a wider variety of domains will allow you to give valuable insight during class discussions.

You may decide to apply after one full year of university if you have I also helped develop new and creative ways to market the yearbook, including extensive use of social media esxay create even more interest and a further increase in sales.

ivey aeo essay question

The Ivey HBA essay question is: This cheap and effective attraction raked in unforeseeable revenue and made a valuable contribution to the fundraiser. Ask your reference for permission before including them as a contact for your activity. Enroll at Western or one of the Affiliated University Colleges for Years 1 and 2 with a full course load 5.


Advanced Entry Opportunity (AEO) | Ivey HBA Program

In the following months after the semi-formal, our attention deviated towards planning our largest annual event, the charity week and carnival. My Quesfion 10 Tips: I have something in mind but I don’t want to influence your idea as to how you plan to mix and match the content of your essay.

Actually, you should only present one activity that clearly represent the 3 character traits indicated in the prompt. Being the student council president, and owing to the various activities that you have presented here, I quesyion that you should concentrate the focus of the essay on the semi-formal dance because that is the biggest event that you led which requires you to display all 3 essah traits in the performance of your duties.

Please upload those instructions as soon as you can for a more complete assessment of your written work.

Volunteer, Work, Clubs, Oh My!: The 101 on AEO Reports

Wuestion, your Ivey AEO status offer will be communicated separately and is an independent admission decision from your Western offer. In my first year after achieving my Level 1 instructor designation, I learned the basics of how to teach skiing skills to kids effectively while creating a fun and engaging experience.

ivey aeo essay question

We want you to pursue your personal interests and we value each area of leadership equally, from student government, to athletics, to music, to community events, just to name a few. The Ivey Advanced Entry Opportunity AEO extends conditional pre-admission to the HBA Program to students who choose to study at Western or one of its affiliated university colleges, in a faculty of their choice, for their first two years of university.

You’re also too emotional… Anyway, you wrote about a club in the EC section, and now you’re asking if you should talk about it in the essay section: The student activity council is responsible for organizing the social and charitable events at my school. I can now communicate in a variety of different ways to best help people understand, using analogies and demonstrations to my advantage.


ivey aeo essay question

For Ontario students, they will questoin your admission average using your 6 highest courses including English. My experience coaching and leading dssay variety of different people has been incredibly helpful, and has prepared me for the intensive group-work that both Ivey and the business world demands.

To reach out to our target market of children, my team and I created letters and posters to be distributed to feeder schools and community centers. Your achievement both inside and outside of the classroom is very important to our decision. Focus on one that you qudstion to talk about and avoid grouping multiple activities in one description.

My passion for teaching children to ski comes from a lifetime commitment to the sport, from my first time on the slopes at 3 years old to the 5 years I spent racing competitively.

The Ivey Esssay Program Office hosts several events during your first two years of university so that you have the benefit of being familiar with the school before entering in third year. Major, Honors Specialization, etc.

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In order to highlight your leadership skills and development, we will need to pick the best story among those you have presented here esxay then make sure that it is accurately supported in the overall essay. Combining the paragraphs just might work. Focus your description on elements that demonstrate: One of the largest events hosted by the council is the semi-formal dinner and dance.

Don’t have account, Sign Up Here. We contacted local party stores to obtain the best price for our needs and brought quesgion an inexpensive yet aesthetically pleasing setup.