We investigated the relative contribution of the spatial versus climatic rainfall variability for flow peaks by applying an advanced stochastic rainfall generator to simulate rainfall for a small urban catchment and simulate flow dynamics in the sewer system. This paper evaluates several schemes for post-processing monthly and seasonal streamflow forecasts using the Australian Bureau of Meteorology’s streamflow forecasting system. The export modality is consistent across different catchments only for a minority of solutes. Determination of the groundwater component of peak discharge form the chemistry of total runoff, Water Resour. We demonstrated the wide diversity of approaching science in the community. In cold climates, the form of precipitation rain or snow results in uncertainty in radar precipitation estimation.

Here we present a three-dimensional fluid dynamic solver that simulates the flow as a mixture of a pressure-dependent rheology model of the gravel mixed with a Herschel—Bulkley rheology of the fine material suspension. However, they can be used to reliably estimate the fraction of “young” water in streamflow, meaning water that fell as precipitation less than roughly 2—3 months ago. Jain, Jingjing Li, and Hua Chen. Journal metrics Journal metrics IF 4. This paper aims to compare freshwater quality scenarios under different land uses, related to ecosystem-based adaptation in subtropical headwaters. The study illustrated that the method could work given the proper constraints, which were only possible if there was enough knowledge about how the river responded to precipitation in the previous months.

We test this model on a medium-sized catchment in Switzerland. Here I propose a new approach to this The influence of soil moisture on threshold runoff generation processes in an alpine headwater catchment, Hydrol. Growth of Salvinia molesta as affected by. This affects the distances and thus the time that it takes a water molecule to reach the flowing stream and the stream outlet.


We demonstrated the wide diversity of approaching science in the community. Effects of climatic seasonality on the isotopic composition of evaporating soil waters, Hydrol. This finding is significant because the improved forecasts help water managers and users of the service to make better-informed decisions.

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Detecting non-stationary hydrologic model parameters in a paired catchment system using data assimilation, Adv. Seasonal tracer cycles quantify young water fractions, but not mean transit times, in spatially heterogeneous catchments, Hydrol.

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We show that climate change in a large Mediterranean catchment leads to a redistribution of water from soil to reservoirs and to increased crop stress. Ilja van Meerveld, James W.

hubert weerts dissertation

The findings from this study could be important for using radar precipitation for hydrological applications. Quantifying uncertainty in tracer-based hydrograph separations, Water Resour. Leila Saberi, Rachel T. Hydrologic modeling in dynamic catchments: Hydrograph separation using stable isotopes: The resulting data streams provide an unprecedented view of hydrochemical dynamics on the catchment scale.

An experiment on Australian catchments, Water Resour. Changes in the annual discharge varied between a We construct a complex model, containing all processes important for the catchment, and deconstruct it step by step to understand the influence of single processes.

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The study also highlights the potential of distributed modelling and spatial observations in hydrology, especially in dealing with equifinality issues. An evaluation of multiplicative error models, J.


This study shows a small decrease in rainfall and a tendency marked towards a decrease in the cissertation resources of the catchment in response to climate trends, with dissertaation consistent increase in drought severity and duration.

Return periods were also explained. Sehen Sie sich auf LinkedIn das vollstndige Profil an. The results reveal that the spatial resolution has the largest impact on the hydrological simulations, larger than dissertattion texture and land cover. Effects of climate change and human activities on inflow into the Hoabinh Reservoir in the Red River basin, Procedia Environ. However, I also show that these cycles can be used to reliably estimate the fraction of “young” water in streamflow, meaning water that fell as precipitation less than roughly 2—3 months ago.

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We show event- and pre-event-water volumes as fractions of precipitation, rather than discharge, to provide an alternative and more insightful approach to study catchment hydrological processes. The hydrological functioning of western African headwater wetlands remains poorly understood, despite their potential for small-scale farming and their role in huvert production.

We conclude that climate change may affect rainfed and irrigated agriculture potential and threatens overall water security. A review of current modeling approaches, Cogent Geoscience, 1, —, https: A comparison of chemical and isotopic hydrograph separation, Water Resour.