How could scientists determine whether it should be classified in domain Bacteria or domain Archaea? Many bacterial pathogens can be controlled by washing, using disinfectants, preparing and storing food safely, or sterilizing exposed items. What viral disease does he or she most likely have? Describe how prokaryotes vary in structure and function. Evolution of metal ions in biological systems wikipedia , lookup. A vaccine can prompt the body to produce immunity to the disease.

The virus that causes the disease AIDS is a retrovirus. Virus that infects bacteria L. Antibiotics are compounds that block the growth and reproduction of bacteria. Process in which a host cell bursts after being invaded by a virus J. Compound that can block the growth and reproduction of bacteria 4. Others are producers that carry out photosynthesis.

Organisms that can survive without oxygen when necessary are called facultative anaerobes. Autotrophs may be photoautotroph, or chemoautotrophs. Structure and Function Write the letter of the correct answer on the line at the left.

Match the bacterial control method with an example of the method Bacterial Control Method Example How are the causes of tuberculosis and diphtheria similar? Describe three different ways that humans use bacteria. Describe the similarities and differences of antibiotics and disinfectants. A person has blister-like lesions on the skin.


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In a lysogenic infection, how can one virus infect many cells? The picture shows three different bacteria shapes. What occurs during conjugation? The widespread use of vaccines has homeaork to the emergence of resistant strains of bacteria. Organism consisting of one cell that lacks a nucleus K.

Name Class Date Then, circle the step that shows lysis of the host cell. Structure and Function Prokaryotes are identified by characteristics such as shape, the chemical nature of their cell walls, the way they move, and the way they obtain energy. homeework

homework 20.1 viruses

List of types of proteins wikipedialookup Genetic engineering wikipedialookup Evolution of metal ions in biological systems wikipedialookup Vectors in gene therapy wikipedialookup Germ theory of disease wikipedialookup Biology wikipedialookup Life wikipedia200.1 Cell vkruses wikipedialookup Developmental biology wikipedialookup Marine microorganism wikipedialookup Bacterial taxonomy wikipedialookup Antiviral drug wikipedialookup Oncolytic virus wikipedialookup Neurodegeneration wikipedialookup.

Viruses must infect a living cell in order to reproduce. Marine microorganism wikipedialookup.

homework 20.1 viruses

Viral diseases in humans homewoork the common cold, influenza, AIDS, chicken pox, and measles. Some soil bacteria convert natural nitrogen gas into a form plants can use through a process called nitrogen fixation.

Bacterial taxonomy wikipedialookup. Humans use bacteria in industry, food production, and other ways. Slight genetic changes would be needed for the bird flu virus to become infectious to humans. What are spherical bacteria called?



Match the term with its definition Term Definition 2. They damage the cells and tissues of the infected organism directly by virsues down the cells for host. They enter living cells and, once inside, use the machinery of the infected cell to produce more viruses. Viruses that have RNA as their genetic material are called. Although viruses are parasites, they are not made of cells and are not considered living things. Archaea are more closely related to than 5.

Why is the process of nitrogen fixation important? A vaccine is a preparation of weakened or killed pathogens or inactivated toxins. Many bacterial pathogens can be controlled by washing, using disinfectants, preparing and storing food safely, or sterilizing exposed items.

They can also exchange genetic information by conjugation. Unicellular organisms that lack a nucleus are called 2. What are some human diseases caused by viruses?