Pathogens are able to evolve over time. Germ theory of disease wikipedia , lookup. Most prokaryotes are heterotrophs. What are rod-shaped bacteria called? A vaccine can prompt the body to produce immunity to the disease. The Importance of Prokaryotes Marine microorganism wikipedia , lookup.

Inside the cell wall is a cell membrane surrounding the cytoplasm. Viruses that have RNA as their genetic material are called. A protein coat surrounding a virus is a n. They can also exchange genetic information by conjugation. Vectors in gene therapy wikipedia , lookup. How could scientists determine whether it should be classified in domain Bacteria or domain Archaea? Developmental biology wikipedia , lookup.

Viruses that infect bacteria are called bacteriophages. In the case of bacteriophage T4, viral DNA directs the synthesis of new viruses using materials in the cell.

homework 20.1 viruses

The Importance of Prokaryotes The picture 200.1 three different bacteria shapes. Apply the Big idea Although viruses are parasites, they are not made of cells and are not considered living things. They enter living cells and, once inside, use the machinery of the infected cell to produce more viruses.

Biology wikipedialookup. Archaea look similar to bacteria, but are genetically closer to eukaryotes. Why do all organisms need nitrogen? Viral Diseases Viruses produce disease by directly destroying living cells or by affecting cellular processes in ways that disrupt homeostasis.


Immunity is the body’s natural way of killing pathogens. In many viral infections, viruses attack and destroy certain body cells, causing the symptoms of the disease.

Some are decomposers that break down dead matter. A handful of antiviral drugs have been developed that help reduce the symptoms of specific viruses.

homework 20.1 viruses

Viruses must infect a living cell in order to reproduce. Explain the role of bacteria in the living world.

Match the bacterial control method with an example of the method Bacterial Control Method Example Archaea are more closely related to than 5. Compound that can block the growth and reproduction of bacteria 4. Preparation of weakened ciruses killed pathogens or inactivated toxins used to produce immunity I.

A vaccine is a preparation of weakened or killed pathogens or inactivated toxins. A person has blister-like lesions on the skin.


A person has a low helper-T cell count. What viral disease does he or she most likely have?

homework 20.1 viruses

The Importance of Prokaryotes Prokaryotes are vital to maintaining the ecological balance of the living world. Unicellular organisms that lack a nucleus are called 2. They can be surrounded by a cell wall, which contains peptidoglycan. They damage the cells and tissues of the infected organism directly by breaking down the cells for host. A vaccine can prompt the body to produce immunity to the disease. How could scientists determine whether it should be classified in domain Bacteria or domain Archaea?


Suppose you were studying an infectious unicellular organism with a cell wall under a microscope.

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How do antiviral medications work? Autotrophs may be photoautotroph, or chemoautotrophs. Prokaryotes are classified either in domain Bacteria or domain Archaea. Describe three different ways that humans use bacteria.

A virus is a particle made of nucleic acid, protein, and, in some cases, lipids.