The other strong indication that Hannibal was deliberately associating him- self with Heracles-Melqart comes from what remains of Silenus’ work. The author has a deep respect for his subject, almost a reverence. Hamilcar added new territories to this informal empire. Hannibal expected that Rome’s allies would now leave their master and come over to Carthage. Mar 24, Myke Cole rated it it was ok.

So it was the Little Saint Bernard route? Coinage and Money under the Roman Republic: In summation, I would recommend this book but with the caveats already mentioned. People, Land and Politics. A Sourcebook, London Loreto, L. There are some immediately obvious correspondences with Hannibal’s Italian expedition. Vie et mort dans la Carthage punique, Tunis Morel, J.

The Making of Strategy: Le latin de Polybe: Economy and Society, c. Hannibal and Heracles It is clear from the Barcid coinage from this period that Hannibal was keen to promote his familial links with Hamilcar.

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Gli Italici nelle strutture militari romane, Milan Ilevbare, J. In the end, this would seal his fate. A Historical Commentary on Polybius, 3 vols.

The term “propaganda,” with its apparent emphasis on the production and dissemination of a strictly controlled message, often appears out of place in the context of the ancient world. These versions appear to have bbarca the story into a far more sinister and indeed more hostile light.

Hannibal Barca and the Carthaginian Campaign Essay

Earlier incontinued religious por- tents had led to the finding, in the sacred Sibylline Books, of a prophecy that foretold Hannibal’s final defeat if Magna Mater was brought to Rome Livy He fought as an Union officer in the American Civil War, and lost his leg at the Battle of Gettysburg; as a writer, he devoted his writings to both the American Civil War and the great generals of Ancient and European history. If you contact us after hours, we’ll get back to you in 24 hours or less.


Bilancio critico su Roma arcaica fra monarchia e repubblica: Tributum, Bonn Nicolet, C. Histoire commerce et civilisation des cites chalcidi- ennes du detroit de Messine, Paris Vanotti, G.

hannibal barca thesis

haannibal The Roman historian Livy mentions that Hannibal’s father forced his son to promise eternal hatred against the Romans. In the charged atmosphere of the Hannibalic war, this seemingly obscure point had very serious propagandistic implications.

hannibal barca thesis

Hiero’s Syracuse, although both prosperous and powerful, and nominally an independent realm, was in reality little more than a Roman client state.

By the third century BC it had also become popular in Carthage. This symbiosis not only had an effect on the folklore that sprang up on the island, with Phoenician and Greek religious traditions becoming intertwined, but also had a direct impact on the development of sacred art and architecture.

The Cambridge History of Africa, vol.

Hannibal Barca

Indeed, Batca final defeat would eventually be justified as nothing less than divine retribution Livy Dodge idolizes Hannibal, and I think it affects his writing somewhat. However, unknown to him, Hannibal had concealed an elite jannibal of cavalry under the banks of river, who were ready to spring a trap to Roman army.


Proceedings of a post-graduate colloquium. As we have seen, Heracles traditionally performed a similar role in the Greek world. Rom und Karthago, Darmstadt; 2nd edn.

Boegehold, Oxford, Ilari, V. Pelling sees the Livian account being even more clearly signposted by the ominous ambiguity of the explanation given by the divine guide “He must ask no more questions. Hannibal he saysafter taking Saguntum, dreamt that he was being called away by Jupiter into a council of gods; when he arrived, Jupiter ordered him to invade Italy, and gave harca one of the assembly as his guide.

Hannibal expected that Rome’s allies would now leave their master and come over to Carthage. Like the other stories detailing Hannibal’s dialogue with the gods, it is almost impossible to separate the original sense and aim of tesis tale from the hostile interpretations by Roman and Greek historians Levene68; Jaeger Memoria und Res Publica.

By set- ting out the essential impiety of Hannibal’s mission at the beginning of his account, furthermore, Livy ensured that his audience understood that any Carthaginian success would be short-lived.

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