Researches from the School of Oceanographic Studies, Jadavpur University, estimated the annual rise in sea level to be 8 millimetres 0. The pioneer vegetation on these newly accreted sites is Sonneratia , followed by Avicennia and Nypa. In , it was described as a tract of waste country which had never been surveyed nor had the census been extended to it. The Sundarbans forest is home to more than tigers. The interconnected network of waterways makes almost every corner of the forest accessible by boat. Paul’s Cathedral Portuguese Church St.

On newly formed islands, flooded by every tide, Sonneratia usually springs up first, followed by Avicennia and the palm Nipa fruticans. Some of the birds commonly found in this region are red junglefowls , spot-billed pelicans , great egrets , cormorants , seagulls , common kingfishers , peregrine falcons , woodpeckers , northern pintails , and whistling teals. Media Activities News Links. FAO, Rome, Italy The forest staff, using motorboats and launches, protect the park from illegal poaching and theft. Conservation of soil is done to maintain the ecological balance.

Between 0 and 50 people are killed each year. Init was described as a tract of waste country which had never been surveyed nor had the census been extended to it.

Sundarbans National Park

Some of the birds commonly found in this region are red junglefowlsspot-billed pelicansgreat egrets pwrk, cormorantsseagullscommon kingfishersperegrine falconswoodpeckersnorthern pintailsand whistling teals. It has specialised roots called pneumatophore which emerge above ground and help in gaseous exchange i. The first management plan was written for the period — The Bangladesh part of the forest lies under two forest divisions, and four administrative ranges viz Chandpai Khulna DistrictSarankhola Khulnaand Burigoalini Satkhira District and has sixteen forest stations.

The Sundarbans national park is situated at the South Eastern periphery of the 24 Paraganas parl in West Bengal, an eastern state in India. Additionally, the Sundarbans serves a crucial function as a protective barrier for the millions of inhabitants in and around Khulna and Mongla against the floods that result from the cyclones. Besides the above-mentioned trees, the tall and wide Goran trees cover sundraban large part of the Sundarbans.


It was a water-logged jungle, in which tigers and other wild beasts abounded. Apart from the Bengal tiger there are also many fishing catsleopard catsmacaquesesday boarIndian grey mongoosefoxjungle catflying foxpangolinchital.

Sundarbans South Wildlife Sundarbab extends over an area of 36, hectares 91, acres.

Sun in the Sundarbans. It is also home to a variety of bird, reptile and invertebrate species, including the salt-water crocodile.

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Your support will help us build a future where humans live in harmony with nature. The royal Bengal tigers have developed a unique characteristic of swimming in the saline waters, and are famous for their man-eating tendencies. The world’s largest mangrove forest located in the delta of Ganges, Meghna and Brahmaputra rivers in the Bay of Bengal.

Fishing catsmacaqueswild boarscommon grey mongooses, foxes, jungle catsflying foxespangolinsand spotted deer are also found in abundance in the Sundarbans. In addition to traditional forest produce like timber, fuelwood, pulpwood etc. However, the lands near the villages are irrigated from ponds that were filled up during monsoon, and vegetable crops Rabi crops can be grown here.

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The flats are exposed in low tides and submerged in high tides, thus being changed morphologically even in one tidal cycle. Idol narional Manasathe deity of snakes.

essay on sundarban national park

Tourism numbers remain relatively low due to the difficult access, arranging transport and a lack of facilities including suitable accommodation. The study also mentioned about services fssay as the generation of employment for local communities 36 millionmoderation of cyclonic storms million yearprovision of habitat and refugia for wildlife million and sequestration of carbon million.

The property is composed of three wildlife sanctuaries and has a history of effective national legal protection for its land, forest and aquatic environment since the early 19th century. Ecology and conservation of the Bengal tiger in the Sundarbans Mangrove forest of Bangladesh.


The exotic birds commonly found here are openbill storks, black-capped kingfishers, black-headed ibis, coots, water hens, pheasant-tailed jacanas, brahminy kite, pariah kites, marsh harriers, swamp partridges, red junglefowl, spotted doves, common mynahs, jungle crows, jungle babblers, cotton teals, herring gulls, Caspian terns, gray herons, common snipes, wood sandpipers, green pigeons, rose ringed parakeets, paradise-flycatchers, cormorants, grey-headed fish kn, white-bellied sea eagles, seagulls, common sundarbab, peregrine falcons, woodpeckers, whimbrels, black-tailed godwits, little stints, eastern knots, curlews, golden plovers, northern pintails, white-eyed pochards and whistling teals.

The greatest of these being the Bengal tiger of which an estimated remain in the Bangladesh Sundarbans. The interconnected network of waterways makes almost every corner of the forest accessible by boat. Extinct Javan rhinoceros of Sunderbans, drawing from There is evidently the greatest seasonal variation in salinity levels and possibly represents an area of relatively longer duration of moderate natilnal where Gewa Excoecaria agallocha is the dominant woody species.

essay on sundarban national park

One ntaional interesting fish is the mudskippera gobioid that climbs out of the water into mudflats and even climbs trees. Straying of tigers into nearby villages is prevented through measures such as nylon net fencing and solar illumination of villages.

The Mangrove Interpretation Centre is established at Sajnekhali to make the local people and tourists aware of the importance fssay conservation of nature in general and specially the mangrove ecosystems. The area is known for the Bengal tiger Panthera tigris tigrisas well as numerous fauna including species of birds, spotted deercrocodiles and snakes.