Our endeavour is to share experiences to inspire you to travel more! By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. What makes it such a famous place? Our partners use cookies to ensure we show you advertising that is relevant to you. Retrieved from ” https: It has a lot to offer and is often unnoticed because of Goa or the new upcoming destination — Hampi. Athirapally Falls have been my dream falls ever since I saw the stunning scenery in the movie, Raavan.

It is one of the largest elephant training centres of South India. June 20, at 2: The winding road is charming with greenery all around. Monsoon Season in Kerala Explore the beauty with Ajinkya tours of kerala honeymoon tour packages and see the never seen heavenly locations with the best ever kerala tour operators in India http: The lush vegetation supports rich wildlife and avifauna.

A Day Trip from Kochi to Athirapally Waterfalls and Ezhattumugam

Stand on the side and enjoy the panoramic view of the falls. We walked through the path adjacent to the river flow. Go now in monsoon when it is awesomely beautiful! One can maneuver oneself onto some rocks to get a closer look at the falls and also feel the spray of the water. Away from the urban sprawl, hiking routes, fantastic scenery, when can I go? We reached Ezhattumugham and stopped for some pics. The road between Athirapally and Vazhachal is so beautiful.


November 10, at 3: November 13, at The droplets of water from the falls was hitting our face. Hi Abhee, Great write-up. The road also is remarkably good so that we can enjoy the ride without any hustles.

essay on athirapally waterfalls

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Kerala Tourism at a Glance

It rained a little on the way but we were already on the civilian area so that we could take a hide. The pathway was one of gradual descent.

I had seen your video before and I felt why I missed this when they were so close to Valparai! Ezhattumugam itself turned out to be a picture postcard village, lush green and with a blissful serenity of undisturbed calm.

We followed a rocky pathway into the woods. It was almost dark throughout the road as forest cover and the clouds were not allowing the intruding sunlight. So much lushness, plus those monkeys. I prefer it more than man-made attractions. Nature are the best attractions there is.


essay on athirapally waterfalls

Not even signboards marred the beauty of the pristine nature of the surroundings. We always find waterfalls to be objects of sublime beauty. Park correctly as directed by attendants. Hi Abhee — I am late here but guess essau way I get to read some great comments as well, all in one go.

essay on athirapally waterfalls

Templates Portal Category WikiProject. Herbal Garden inside Vazahal garden.

There are people to regulate parking — which becomes a pain on weekends — who do a good job. Also my trips are all very economical trip and these experience would surely help others to make their trip comfortable and easy The diverse species of birds and animals along with the tourist places like Vazhachal Falls, Thumboormuzhy Dam and Athjrapally Falls make it a best eco-tourism spot.