Last call around They are blindly aping the western culture where elders are considered to be the interfering radical. The Page 3 culture, which has become the hallmark of this generation, is being adopted by almost everyone. Unfortunately, we are bracing this culture with open arms. This topic might make most of us go back to the good old days of childhood when we used to run around and play in the hot and burning sun without the pressure of the world upon us. There are still a lot more things that I could have written but it might get boring so I leave it to the people reading this blog to comment and share their experiences.

We’ll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website. It came with the arrival of the English people in our country. Jewellery seized from Mehul Choksi firm is just 3 per cent of book value. The youth should adopt both the cultures to develops wholesome , tolerant and progressive attitude will help them to be more focussed and do well all alone. Parents can play a pivotal role in grooming their child.

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Aping Of Western Culture By Indian Youth Essay Writing

This western culture is taking our people to the verge of degradation. Looking for University or College admissions in India for – academic year? They enjoy their life and their lifestyle is really very attractive to attract everybody. This is yonuger strictly moderated site.

The younger generation is highly influenced of western culture, fashionable clothingjunk food and fake attitudes are the new priorities which is affecting their personalization blurred goals. Only in villages can we get to see groups of children playing outdoor games. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content.


essay on aping of western culture by younger generation

You are commenting using your Google account. Is the Indian esay vanishing from the soul of young Indian Generation? Accessed May 22, If the good part had come with equal proportion it would have been better but what is coming more is the negative factors. Much has been said and written about how the youth today is far removed from the values that make a good human being.

Essay On Youth Aping Western Culture

Its becoming more and more of a rare scene in the cities. In our culture one has yunger inculcate flair for it then you can distinguish. Some times they openly defy and make mockery of traditions,old ideas and ideals. Now it is more rapid because there is an open exposure of the western Culture which our youngsters find more fascinating to imitate.

essay on aping of western culture by younger generation

Notify me of new comments via email. The modern industrial culture is the product of western culture. You are commenting using your WordPress.

We will write a custom sample essay on Aping Western Culture specifically for you. The cultures of westernized countries are rich when it comes to living our life. It is really very relaxing provided we are occasionally adopting it. Sorry, but copying text is not allowed on this site.


The youth should adopt both the cultures to develops wholesometolerant and progressive attitude will help them to be more focussed and do well all alone.

Their attitude to the age long customs and values is quite lukewarm. Poverty,corruption, frequent communal riots and religious fanatiscim have created indifference towards their own culture.

essay on aping of western culture by younger generation

Yoknger the most popular educational website in India, we believe in providing quality content to our readers. Yus the impact is gud on us but we should also not forget our nation culture. Comments are automatically posted live; however, indianexpress. I think that’s true for me sometimes.

Essay On Youth Aping Western Culture

The world has shrunk to a global village. If there be any deviation in western culture, nobody worries whereas in culhure culture deviation means social scolding or punishment.

I can still remember the days when I used to play cricket in the burning hot sun in my village, sometimes even bare foot. Western cultures are fast adopted by the young generation because they are attractive and fo too. It is quiet natural that it dominates the cultural scenario of the civilized world. Just imagine a night at a dance bar with wines in your hand.