Heres yet another way of citing using APA format: Combining this measure with the employee turnover rate gives a solid measure of the cost of not attracting the right applicants. If the organisation does not have a corporate brand it should consider the values of the organisation as a whole that are to be communicated. We have established that the demand for employer branding is constant, however, it is also of interest to evaluate whether there are prerequisites to be fulfilled prior to implementation and whether employer branding is useful to all types of organisations. It is important to emphasize that it is the basic assumptions which determine what members of the organisation actually do. Equally important to these considerations must be the perception of the brand which create value and can translate into profits for the company Keller,

Furthermore, Weick argues that: The next step in our framework, once the employer brand identity has been considered and developed, is the employer brand value proposition EVP. In regards to attracting the right employees the success can be measured on the number of relevant applications as well as statistics on the employer turnover rate. The second part is company specific to our three case companies and is not uploaded here. The purpose of creating an employer brand is to outline the positive benefits for employees of buying into the relationship with that employer. Running this strategy is a costly affair and so, there is a need for a financial foundation in order to implement employer branding, however, companies of any size can evaluate which identity they wish to portray.

Employer branding thesis themen

The mean of the sum of thesi points received for one parameter determines the average total score which can be used for comparison of all parameters. Following this, one could assume that psychological and safety needs, themn. Expanding on this issue none of the companies from the case studies applied this definition of value nor mentioned this way of measuring. It is of interest to compare the results obtained with the image that the companies wish to portray.


It is possible to further enlighten the issue through investigation of educational back-ground Statistics Denmark, It is crucial for a company to compete successfully for the talents in order to stay competitive in a market. By incorporating this definition of value it is possible to obtain some measures, however, they appear less convincing than solid financial measures.


Having determined how to measure the value of employer branding there is the challenge of communicating the value. This is cause of concern not only for the economy of DK, however, also for companies, who are all competing in the same pool for talent. Continuing the discussion on tendencies in society it is interesting to reflect on the thoughts of Maslow. Previously, the norms and loyalty of industrial society were deeply rooted in employees. In summary we find that the pool of talents has continually decreased until the beginning of the recent financial crisis, where we experienced increasing rates of unemployment.

Du kommenterer med din Google konto. Examples of product attributes to be mentioned are salary, thesos, expected working hours, typical working assignments among others.

Typically, these will be unskilled workers and craftsmen and since they are not the target for employer branding one cannot argue that the demand for employer branding is directly influenced by financial trends. When determining key issues for attracting and retaining talented people, the statistics on Generation Y are different from those of previous generations.

employer branding thesis themen

Brand awareness and brand image are crucial to understand in order to determine whether for example a strong corporate brand on its own is strong enough or whether an attribute such as employer branding is necessary in order to attract and retain key employees.

However, bransing seems not to be the case now. The greater the brand of the employer, the thhesis t he pe ople would like to associate with the emp loyer. We argue that it is a prerequisite to have a strong organisational culture in order to achieve alignment between what is communicated externally and reality. One could therefore conclude that employer branding is of less importance during an economic recession.


employer branding thesis themen

The result of internal branding is loyalty and commitment which is even more intangible than the result of external branding. The figure above depicts total number of live births in Denmark Statistics Den-mark, With the brand image and the value proposition in place the branding strategy is ready for implementation and execution. However, there are some discrepancies worth mentioning. If managed effectively, the relationship will foster mutual trust between the parties, matching the objectives and commitments of the organisation to those of their employees, resulting in a positive impact on business performance Millmore et al.

Download our brochure or contact us for more information. When determining whether employer branding is value-creating to companies if implemented, we need to define value as a combination of quantitative and qualitative measures. Internal communication As already brandinv, organisational culture is defined as: From this figure we can view a decreasing rate of unemployment and an increasing rate of employment.

One should understand that the synergy can also take a negative turn becoming a vicious circle where disloyalty and lack of commitment result in attraction of the wrong people and so on.

This brings to mind an intriguing debate on how needs influence values. Also, make sure to communicate well together with your writer. Organisational socialization is defined as: The least important parameter with a score of only 2. Tehsis ceremonies and rites the organisation can influence the culture.

employer branding thesis themen

As it is the point-of-departure for both the internal and the external marketing of the employer brand, most importantly, the EVP must be honest and truthful.