You do not need to give a proof or long justification that your conditions are correct; a short one or two sentence explanation for each statement is fine. This means that the matrix A is lower triangular, i. In some contexts, affine functions are mistakenly, or informally called linear, even though in general they are not. EE homework problems Lecture 2 — Linear functions and examples. Give a brief discussion, in terms of the original problem, of the conditions under which the rank assumption fails. Boyd EE homework 3 additional exercises 1. You must fully explain your reasoning and method, in addition to providing the numerical solution.

Please give us the simplest example you can think of. Suggest a name for the method you invent. Note that this congestion control method is distributed ; each source only needs to know the congestion along its own route, and does not directly coordinate its adjustments with the other routes. You must explain the math; you may not refer to any matlab notation or operators and especially, backslash in your explanation. There are many ways to do this, but in this problem we explore two methods. Lall EE homework problems 1. Choose as the estimate of the decoded signal the one in the constel- lation that is closest to what is received, i.

ee263 homework problems solutions

We call the collection of subsets S1. Thus, the goal homeowrk to fill in or interpolate missing data in a 2D array an image, sayso the reconstructed array is as smooth as possible.


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Thus, the message is available at the node to be transmitted along any active edge emanating from that node, at any future period. This holds if and only if H is a left inverse of G, i. In other words, if f is any unbiased estimator, then f must be a linear function. This will produce three different smoothed estimates. Information flow is conserved.

Airlines are required to collect this data, called FOQA data, for every commercial flight.

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Describe the sparsity structure of A. In this problem we consider the unit sphere in Rnwhich is defined as the set of vectors with norm one: We want just your answer, which will consist of lists of mutually equivalent statements; we do not need any justification.

Be sure to explain why the algorithm you describe cannot fail. If all coefficients i.

ee263 homework problems solutions

Either show that this is so, or give an explicit counterexample. External information enters solutione of the m regular nodes and flows across links to the special destination node. Verify that the resulting adjusted measurement satisfies the conservation laws, i.

Explain how to determine whether or not the following statements hold: Give a simple homedork of Bij in terms of the original graph. It plots the proposed placement. The squareroot of this quantity is the residual norm on the N 2 model data.

Thus, Zii is the number of subsets that contain i.


Your solution must contain the following: It is extremely important that you explain very clearly how you come up solutiona your prediction. Also give the transaction cost if all the shares were purchased in the first period, and the transaction cost if the purchases were evenly spread over the periods i.

ee263 homework problems solutions

If the set of subsets is not informative, we say it is uninformative. We make 4 measurements. The spot measurements are not perfect as we assumed in part a ; wolutions contain small noise and errors. It then adjusts its source rate proportional to the sum of the congestion along its route.

Our goal is to regulate the system, i. We will represent the signals by vectors in Rn. If you find such a B, you must explain how you found it, and verify say, in matlab that it satisfies the required properties. Plot the vehicle trajectory, using plot p 1,: Your answer can involve standard matrix operations on the matrices above, such as addition, multipli- cation, transposition, concatenation i.

If you need to make any assumptions about rank of some matrix, do so. Give the value of m you find, and the coefficients a0. This is called a binary label.