Yaya thanks Alden for the fruit basket she received. Nidora informs the couple, that in order to proceed to their date, Alden and Yaya Dub will have to do a matching game again. Lola Nidora gathers enough strength to tell Alden that “everything happens for a reason” and begs him to make her happy by letting the YaKie wedding proceed. Retrieved 23 July Yaya only ran away from the Lolas to get her luggage ready, and not being rebellious as they first had thought. Retrieved 14 May

Lola Nidora arrives at the Broadway studio to confront Alden only to discover that he is not there. Retrieved 11 August Retrieved 17 August Kalye’s Angels – Facebook”. Retrieved 1 March

Eat Bulaga #ALDUB Kalyeserye August 28, 2015 [2/4]

Awards and nominations Philippine noontime variety television shows. Retrieved 28 April Indonesia The New Eat Bulaga!

Retrieved 7 July Alden tells Yaya to repeat what she said but as Yaya opens her mouth, another sound comes out. Nidora however spots the table that they have set up for Alden and Yaya and eay deems it to be too small. Retrieved 23 August Retrieved 15 November Don Francisco is portrayed by Jose Manalo. Retrieved 16 August Lolo Franing also sees Alden and claims that he was like Alden in his youth.

Retrieved 11 May Frankie is angry at Lola Nidora because of the aborted wedding.


eat bulaga problem solving august 28 2015

The caller contacts them again and says that Yaya Dub is in blaga Broadway studio, so Alden checks the whole area but does not find Yaya Dub. Yaya Dub still has the bouquet of wilted flowers that Alden gave her the day before, much to the anger of Lola Nidora, who grabs it from her and kicks it away. Twenty Four Hours and Counting – Facebook”.

Eat Bulaga #ALDUB Kalyeserye August 28, [2/4] – video dailymotion

Retrieved 23 February However, while the vows were being recited, Yaya Dub faints and has to be brought out of the venue. DuhRizz asks Yaya if she wants to see Alden, to which Yaya replies that she does.

eat bulaga problem solving august 28 2015

Suddenly, some of the Rogelios arrive at the scene with the appearance of being beaten. The Lolas tell her to focus on her performance and to thank the Lord for the opportunity of finally being able to fulfill her dream. Retrieved 5 March Yaya Dub is also excited that the next day is the second monthsary between her and Alden. Watch the full episode of eat bulaga!

Yaya Dub – Wikipedia

Alden buys the items immediately and asks Lola if he can bring it to Yaya personally. Yaya Luvs and the Lolas try their best to make Yaya smile to no avail but she lightens up when Bae-by Baste serenades her. Later, Alden manages to complete the challenge and runs towards the stage, but by then Yaya Dub is already at the exit about to flee from the Broadway studio.


Lola Nidora also tells the couple that she too solviny a surprise: Nidora then shows Isadora’s letter to Yaya, who then weeps after reading its contents.

eat bulaga problem solving august 28 2015

Nidora says that she wants to be prepared just in case Isadora shows up. CCC Preparation – Facebook”.

She also misses Alden, who is away from the studio because of prior commitments. Retrieved 29 February Retrieved 12 April While Alden and Yaya are seated, Tinidora and the Dabarkads find ways to push the couple closer to each other when Nidora is not looking.

Yaya, who was with her adoptive grandmother and employer Lola Nidoragets teased all the more after she returns his smile and waves back.

Yaya finally comes down from her room and brims with excitement problfm seeing Alden who presents her with flowers.