Two key areas still require further development before the realization of large-scale nanoelectronics. The possibility to make hybrid structure functionalization by attaching ss-DNA backbone to the positively charged head group of a cationic surfactant by ionic interaction is demonstrated. Skip to secondary navigation. The aim of this work is to develop new strategies for alignment by self assembly of such one-dimensional nanomaterials like carbon nanotubes using combination of different conventional techniques. At the centre of the Research Priority Area is the monitoring of the earth system, the exploration of modern mobility, the future energy supply and the sustainable development of human living space. Furthermore blade row interactions are an important source of noise in turbomachines.

Center of Scientific Landscape in Dresden Learn more. Information and notifications from the Doctoral Examinations Office. While metallic nanoparticles nucleate and grow SWCNTs, opened and activated fullerene structures are used for all carbon catalyst-free growth of single wall and double wall carbon nanotubes. However, to exploit its full potential and to ensure efficient scale-up, self assembly of such nanoparticles is absolutely essential. Although this fact has received increasing attention within recent years, blade row interactions effects are not yet typically addressed in current design systems of turbomachinery Van Zante et al. In the first part of this document, the influence of structural distortions in single m-QCA is addressed within a minimal model using an diabatic-to-adiabatic transformation.

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It is shown, for the first time, how one can grow horizontally aligned carbon nanotubes in crossbar configurations in a single step and with bespoke crossing angles. Skip to secondary navigation.

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The model has been further extended to consider time-dependent external electric fields in which a special emphasis is given to the profiles in which this external parameter can interact with the associated molecular complex.

Image film “Incredibly exciting — TU Dresden” more. In addition, the wakes and potential effects superimpose with other flow patterns, for instance the tip clearance vortices and other dissfrtation flow phenomena. The aim of this work is to develop new strategies for alignment by self assembly of such one-dimensional nanomaterials like carbon nanotubes using combination of different conventional techniques.


This includes a functionalization study with new strategy for hybrid bio-functionalization of carbon nanotubes which could have potential application in drug delivery, genetic engineering and biosensors.

This ceremony is a tradition that we consciously cultivate. This information is provided by FIS. This information is provided by FIS. Further important parameters are the Reynolds number and the Mach number, the free-stream turbulence, the profile pressure distribution, the boundary layer characteristics, the blade loading and the wake properties.

dissertation tu dresden maschinenwesen

Depending on the appropriate faculty and on the way you decide to publish, a certain amount of deposit copies needs to dissegtation transferred to the SLUB: These CVD techniques suffer some drawbacks, namely, that because they are synthesized using catalyst particles metals or non-metals dresde catalyst material can contaminate the tubes and affect their intrinsic dresdwn.

For these reasons the effects of the periodical unsteady flow field have to be considered during the design process of turbomachines. It is therefore one of the challenges of the present and future design of compressors and turbines to include beneficial unsteady effects to improve the engine parameters. In the second part, first-principle theoretical calculations of the self-assembly properties and electronic structure of Ferrocene-functionalized complexes have been carried out.

Numerous excellent research facilities at TU Dresden in Life Sciences work on molecular bioengineering, regenerative therapies and research illnesses such as cancer and diabetes. All 3-minute long contributions to the 1 st Science-Slam of the Faculty of Mechanical Science and Engineering can be found on drexden Facebook-channel.

The formation and growth of the nanostructures is solely driven by the electron beam. TU Dresden has a broad spectrum of Humanities and Social Sciences and is in an excellent position to conduct interdisciplinary research on the big questions of our times.

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dissertation tu dresden maschinenwesen

Molecular-based quantum cellular automata m-QCAas an extension of quantum-dot QCAs, offer a novel alternative in dissetation binary information can be maschinennwesen in the molecular charge configuration of a cell and propagated via nearest-neighbor Coulombic cell-cell interactions.

This includes results on the periodical unsteady flow field within the axial gaps between the blade rows as well as the flow field within the rotor blade passages. Skip to main navigation. The low temperature of the production process, allowing the formation of aligned nanotubes on pretty much any substrate, is the main advantage of the post synthesis routes, while the poor levels of reproducibility and spatial control, and the limited quality of the aligned tubes due to the inherently required process steps are limitations.


This information is available in German only. The Graduate School is the central hub of contact for all doctoral students and post-doctoral students for all questions concerning the doctoral and postdoctoral phase of their studies at TU Dresden. You can also decide for publishing in print or with a publisher. In addition, the transport properties of the aligned tubes at room temperature are also investigated through the fabrication of devices based on these tubes. Depending on the appropriate faculty and on the way you decide to publish, a certain amount of deposit copies needs to be transferred to the SLUB:.

Fundamental breakthroughs in the field of nanotechnology can be achieved by developing new synthesis procedures as well as by adapting known procedures to new materials. Amongst others, these are geometrical parameters like the blading geometry and the axial gap width. The TU Dresden has passed a Resolution on Open Access-Publishing that explicitely calls researchers to make their scientific work accessible to the public by publishing on the institutional repository Dresdeh.

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Learn more about admission requirements, applications and guidelines. This maschinenweseb is available in German only. Appropriate functionality of m-QCAs involves a complex relationship between quantum mechanical effects, such as electron transfer processes within the molecular building blocks, and electrostatic interactions between cells.