Additionally, as many women in sub-Saharan Africa spend a considerable time of their adult lives pregnant [ 23 ], one of the major components of the PMTCT continuum is the provision of reproductive health choices to enable either the prevention of unintended pregnancies, or appropriate planning for intended future pregnancies [ 24 ]. We contacted authors to locate additional eligible studies. These norms socialize boys and men to be aggressive, powerful, unemotional, and controlling, there by leading to societal approval of men as dominant partners Jakupcak et al. It was found that strengthening the gender capacities of health service providers is generally absent. Following the training, all staff received additional supervision at their CHC sites on the study protocol for data collection. Data quality assurance procedures, including reviewing for errors and consistency checks, are completed monthly by the data manager.

Those agreeing to participate will be enrolled following provision of informed consent, maintaining confidentiality of the serostatus of both couple members. We found no case of vertical transmission in our study cohort. J Haidar hjemal gmail. For instance, the section reads. Adherence to antiretroviral therapy during and after pregnancy in low-income, middle-income, and high-income countries: Permission was also secured from the woreda administration, woreda health office and Goba Hospital.

The government PMTCT xissertation were organized according to their respective categories—that is, guidelines, frameworks, and strategic plans—and reviewed for gender responsiveness using content analysis Elo and Kyngas Training for clinic study staff was conducted by condition, and clinic study staff conducting the study are also blind to clinic randomization status.

Thus, each experimental clinic staff person is currently conducting two sequences of group sessions and individual counseling sessions under the supervision of the HSRC coordinator. Group session two again addresses positive communication and utilizes role playing, and continues with discussion of HIV status disclosure, prevention of IPV, and CB skills for coping with anger and arguing.

The World Health Organisation recommends integration of PMTCT programmes with other healthcare services to increase access and improve uptake of these interventions. No studies were found that evaluated the effectiveness of integrating other perinatal PMTCT interventions with healthcare services. Prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV: Three structured one-hour sessions are led by study-trained CHC staff and delivered to individuals or couples in dissertatin one-on-one format.


dissertation on pmtct

Male partners in the couples phase will be invited to attend by their female partners following initial contact with the recruiter.

This approach entails the initiation of lifelong antiretroviral therapy in all HIV-positive ob women, also implying protection during breastfeeding for 12 months or longer.

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Likewise, those who felt that legal enforcement is necessary were less likely to be tested than their counterparts AOR 0. Men focus on HIV testing, alcohol and drug use and communication. Contraception practices items assess whether the pregnancy was planned or unplanned, whether a provider was consulted prior to pregnancy, current use of family planning and intentions to engage in dissettation planning in the future.

At eighteen months postpartum, none of these differences were found to be significant between the adherent and the non-adherent participants. Men focus on HIV testing, alcohol and drug use and communication.

Improving the usage of prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV services in rural Tanzania

The online version of this article doi: In South Africa, although progress has been recorded in the implementation of PMTCT programs, these improvements have, for the most part, occurred in urbanized areas, pmtft rural areas remaining at unacceptably high levels of MTCT [ 11 ]. The study follows a cluster randomized dissertatlon design enrolling two cohorts of HIV-positive pregnant women recruited from 12 randomly assigned Community Health Centers CHC six experimental, six control.

Questionnaire data was crosschecked and entered into a Microsoft Excel database.

Following randomization, clinic sites were activated individually, and clinic staff are blinded to the condition. Intervention fidelity is continually assessed using audio recordings of intervention disserttaion and interventionist checklists that are reviewed by the intervention coordinator. Our training is limited to those issues that the health system may influence, like facilitation of disclosure of HIV positive status when both partners come to the health facility.


Physical violence by a partner during pregnancy in Tanzania: We searched the following databases, for the time period of January to August Through these sessions, women and their male partners can critically reflect on how gender norms shape the fate of the new-born in the context of HIV transmission. Table 3 Sociodemographic and clinical characteristics by adherence category.

dissertation on pmtct

Group session three addresses testing for HIV to enhance treatment and prevent transmission. Guideline on when to start antiretroviaral therapy and on pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV. It follows that the risk of maternal to child transmission of HIV is heightened in regions with high levels of gender inequity Strebel et al. It is hypothesized that women receiving the intervention will be significantly more likely to adhere to PMTCT ptct elements and, consequently, significantly less likely to have an infant test HIV seropositive as compared to those women in the control condition.

The study conforms to the Helsinki Declaration concerning human rights and informed consent. Men without a higher education AOR 0.

There is no formal training on how to handle gender related challenges. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

dissertation on pmtct

Suitability of the health workers in dssertation social aspects of transmission of mother to child trans mission of HIV is due to both their technical capacity and the trust that people have in them.