Attendance is good and there is a high level of punctuality; the student integrates well within the research group. Students are provided with a hard copy of a handbook at the beginning of each academic session, updated year-on-year; this is also provided in Blackboard Learn. Keep the text in the third person. Students and personal tutors make individual arrangements for meetings, and students are also encouraged to approach any member of staff for academic support. Any change in arrangements will be notified on the office door. Analysis of data obtained will be lacking with little, if any, attempt to discuss the research undertaken with respect to the literature and the work undertaken by others. The adjustment of deadlines for the submission of assessed coursework affected by mitigating circumstances is determined in accordance with a University-wide Policy on Late Submission Penalties — described elsewhere in this student handbook.

In the case of students under Tier 4 regulations, if attendance is not complying with requirements, students will be contacted in writing by letter and email, requesting a response within 10 days of the date of the letter and email. The alternative option of last resort is to make a recommendation outside the provisions of the regulations to the Chair of LTC SR4. Discussion is where you evaluate your results in relation to the aims of the project. Cheating in Examinations includes taking unauthorised materials into the exam room or allowing someone else to sit your exam for you. The following caps will be uniformly applied, in the absence of accepted relevant mitigating circumstances:

If you just copied the passage out, and did not refer to Smith, then this would be plagiarism. Challenges to academic judgement You cannot appeal solely because the result you have achieved is worse than you would have wished, or worse than you feel you deserve.

Dissertation Late Submission Brunel

Discussion This section should attempt to tie together the results and what they indicate in a broader context, including discussion in relation to the literature and implications beyond the immediate confines of your specific project. Pass Exposition of the topic The report will provide an adequate review of i relevant research and its application within the topic area or ii of the data accumulated during the relevant research project detailing bruneo application in the topic area — with some but not too many factual scientific errors.


Therefore you will be able to provide a perspective of your work in relation to knowledge in the field of study. Learning and teaching environment in lectures, seminars, laboratory practical work, fieldwork and individual tutorials.

Student Handbook – Brunel University

You cannot appeal solely because the result you have achieved is worse than you would have wished, or worse lage you feel you deserve; you cannot challenge academic judgement SR Students should seek advice about their dissertation from their Brunel supervisor and arrange mutually appropriate meetings throughout the time of production of the dissertation.

Grade recommended by this marker: Appendices The use of appendices in library-based dissertations is actively discouraged.

dissertation late submission brunel

Brubel take note of the different categories. It will also evaluate if the student developed their argument in a logical and clear way that can be followed by the audience.

Always cite the sources used in your assignments — both direct quotes and ideas you have paraphrased or summarised. Score A Presentation 5 lae 3 2 1 0 1. Evidence of originality of thought and academic insight. To coordinate staff-student meetings and address points arising from those meetings.

This should be undertaken before the beginning of May exact date will be announced. Thesis committee invitation letter sample ion member office wording. Dissertation late submission brunel. Provides clear evidence of originality and clearly demonstrates the ability to develop an independent, highly systematic and logical or insightful argument or evaluation.

Independence The student shows a good degree of enthusiasm, self-reliance and initiative towards the project without becoming over-reliant on his supervisor or another person.


This is known as academic misconduct, and the most common form of misconduct is plagiarism.

We provide free skills training, tailored to the needs of students at different stages of postgraduate study, from planning a Master’s dissertation skbmission writing a PhD thesis.

Once the topic has been agreed in principle you should read the relevant primary research papers to gain an in depth knowledge of the area. Research of their School in order to submit their thesis late.

Put the reference to Jones in the bibliography in the appropriate place: This submisson the most obvious case; 63 2. Learning and Teaching; Chapter B4: The Institute for the Environment monitors attendance of all students during the taught programme. The overall grade in an assessment block will be determined with reference to the weightings assigned to each element of assessment in the approved outline.

The modules and their credit values will be set out in the programme specification for your degree, which is available in Appendix 2 of Student Handbook.

Disssrtation compulsory module is one which must be taken i.

Dissertation late submission brunel

The Disability and Dyslexia Service may also be able to write a supporting letter. Likewise, if a student could reasonably have foreseen the circumstances, they are unlikely to be accepted.

dissertation late submission brunel

In Part-time mode the programme is delivered over 3 years 9 termswith attendance on one day we may undertake joint teaching and field visits on a second day in some weeks per week during terms 1 and 2 year one and terms 4 and 5 year two. Specific methods or alterations to a general method used for a particular experiment, questionnaire, etc.