Onlay on molars 1 to be processed – 03 7. Endodontic treatment procedure in a primary tooth e. Postings in centers where facilities are available for demonstration of routine molecular biology techniques. Treatment care is to be delivered irrespective of the social Status, cast, creed or colleagues. They may be copied and used. The examination is open to the candidate who satisfies the requirements of attendance and other rules lay down by the university.

Exocrine glands of head and neck. In addition the PGs have to enter the cases done in the common case register for each appointment countersigned by a staff member. Teaching Skills All the trainees shall be encouraged to take part in undergraduate teaching programmes either in the form of lectures or group discussions. To acquire skills in managing efficiently, the life threatening conditions with emphasis on basic life support measures. Surgical exposure of unerupted teeth, surgical repositioning of partially erupted teeth.

Posting to a cancer center to familiarize with the pathological appearances, diagnosis, radio-diagnosis and treatment modalities. Disserattion anesthesia in Endodontics. Continuing dental education programmes: Antiamoebic and antihelmenthic drugs. Mycology – General properties of fungi, classification bases on disease, superficial, subcutaneous, deep opportunistic infections.

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Inter institutional postings such as cancer hospital, dermatology clinics, regional HIV detection centers, sophisticated instrumentation centers for electron microscopy huidelines other techniques.

Interdisciplinary discussions and interactions. Differential diagnosis of multiple separate and generalized radiopacities. Restorative, Surgical, rehabilitation b Preventive oral health care procedure.


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First 6 Months 1. Biology of the Periodontal Connective Tissues —P. Sedation in Dentistry — Girtler and Hill Uncle Joe was in critical condition where all there was to do was pray and wait.

Compilation of all the case records, clinical photographs, seminar and journal presentations. Journal of Indian Dental Association Disclosing agents, Dentifrices, Mouth washes, Fluorides.

Psychosomatic aspects of oral diseases. The following is the minimum required to be completed dissertatoon the candidate can be considered eligible to appear for final MDS exam. Obturating materials, various obturation techniques and recent advances in obturation diwsertation root canal.


Paper IV will dssertation an Essay. Bone Grafting in Implantology — Federico Tooth and stages of development of tooth, hard tissues, soft tissues and supporting structures of tooth. Cleanliness and maintenance of the dental chair allotted to them and the surroundings of the PG clinic are the responsibilities of the individual PG students.

Valuation of Answer Books All the answer books shall be valued by all the examiners two internal and two external examiners and the average marks will be taken into consideration. Management of special children. Periodontology Periodontology is the science dealing with the health and diseases and investing and supporting structures of the teeth and oral mucous membranes. dissertwtion


Guidelines for prescribing dental radiographs. Study of disserhation skin and oral mucous membrane connective tissue including cartilage, bone, muscle, nerves and nerve ganglion. Internal anatomy of permanent teeth and its significance Applied histology — histology of skin, oral mucosa, connective tissue, bone cartilage, blood vessels, lymphatics, nerves, muscles and tongue. It is also desirable to have certain integrated lectures by dissettation disciplinary teams on selected topics.

Pendulum appliance 99 7. Theories of growth and recent advances, factors affecting physical growth.


The certification of satisfactory progress is based on the work dairy and log book. Management of medically compromised patients with immunologic dsease.

dissertation guidelines ntruhs

Management of non-carious lesion. Future directions and controversial questions in periodontal guidelinws – Future directions for infection control Research directions in regenerative therapy Future directions in anti-inflammatory therapy Future directions in measurement of periodontal diseases F.

Common drugs in Pediatrics: