Our sister site, WhichSchoolAdvisor. You will find that there are many more UK curriculum schools in Dubai than US and it would be very important to check on the accreditation of the US curriculum schools that you investigate. So I do not how they can manage these changes. Hi Hind, Can you let me know your daughter’s date of birth and which year group she is currently studying in? Gems Wellington International School. The quality of lessons and engagement of children outstanding.

The award and punishment methods are very good to control people, but will destroy focus and interest. If so, is that likely to be in India or elsewhere? Speaks fluent English, excellent English comprehension and reading, fair writing. Both the schools you have mentioned appear to have excellent reputations, so it is likely to be your personal impression that will be the deciding factor. Public schools do not usually accept non-Emirati students. Have been happily part of it for 4 years.

The caliber of leadership here is absolutely top notch — and the teaching faculty are clearly driven, committed to children and accomplished. He will need to be 4 before 31st July to be able to do so.

Best Schools in Dubai – And Why

DESC students homewor, privileged to have such a space to spend an hour reading during their library lesson, talking about books and ideas with their tutors or peers.

We had no sense of anything at our inspection being contrived.

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I am curious to know why you are looking for a different school. Could anyone suggest schools in dubai. The teachers are fantastic and Victory Heights has such a positive and nurturing ethos. Hi Sachin, I am curious to know why you are looking for a different school. In terms of design, the brief by both founders hoework to create something that would act as a trigger to inspire children to learn, discover and explore.


We provide large interactive screens for presentations and current affairs, a suite of 26 computers and 26 iPads, a collection of over 12, books, DVDs, daily newspapers and periodicals, continually being updated and added to, we feel there is something for everyone. Dunecrest Campus Tour May 26 9: Well it really depends upon the parent Jane – some parents at ASD will consider it important despite it being an American curriculum.

Take our survey and help other parents. Both founders of the school are educationalists driven by conviction and vocation. You can find out more by searching for the following on Whichschooladvisor. I am moving to Dubai in a month’s time. Hello Raj, There are a number of IB curriculum schools in Dubai who would probably be able to assist your daughter.

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dess dubai homework

Victory Heights is absolutely extraordinary. The health, safety and welfare of students was given a high priority.

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If we could bottle this for other schools …. The KHDA rates schools based on its own weighting system. They behaved extremely well and had a strong sense of social responsibility.

If you have the choice to choose between two schools which one you will go with: At Primary level, small classes are conductive to good learning, the teacher can know your child as an individual, not as a number or statistic. Hi, I’m looking for a good school with IB curriculum for my 5 year old son.


Victory Heights Primary School, Dubai Sports City – The Review

Hi my son is shifting to Dubai Generally, this is only offered to Secondary students – so 11 plus – and is aimed at beginners. The other way to benchmark the UAE’s schools – domestically and internationally – is of course to look at results in external examinations. What do parents of children actually going to schools in Dubai think.?

We aim to have it on the site within the next weeks.

And he’s currently studying in Indian Circulim so he isn’t that great in studies My 5yo son is in wesgreen currently but i am planning to change his school next dybai from grade 1. Founded inVictory Heights Primary School has very rapidly established itself within the top tier of outstanding go-to British primary schools in the UAE.

Many private schools follow the Ministry of Education curriculum for Arabic.