These recommendations can be taken to help continue to reduce lives lost in the Bay of Bengal region, but for future tropical storms elsewhere as well. Kolkata city witnessed an unprecedented tree fall of more than , killing people, snapping cables and tripping power lines, damaging property and blocking major roads. Yet, neither alerts nor warning signals were send out to the general public, till the actual ferocity of the storm was already in force and people caught up in the midst. In Chandpur , two pontoons sank while docked in port. Numerous homes were destroyed by the subsequent flooding and tens of thousands of people were left stranded in the villages.

Bangladesh did not appeal for aid after cyclone Aila and the government has expressed a desire to address the problem with its own resources IRIN The Case of Cyclone Sidr, Bangladesh. India Water Portal on Flickr. Bangladesh has also made an effort to reduce lives lost in regard to cyclones through the use of cyclone shelters. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Overcrowding was found to be a serious issue as individuals reported being turned away from the shelters during both cyclone Sidr and cyclone Aila.

Throughout the state, an estimated 40, homes were destroyed andothers were damaged. Increase capacity of community-level response. Throughout the country, at leastpeople were left homeless.

Cyclone Aila 2009

The Government of Bangladesh was praised domestically and internationally for its implementation of effective disaster management projects that have reduced death tolls in Cyclone Aila and future cyclones that have struck the country it since. Lessons for Climate Adaptation?


Retrieved May 23, Joint Typhoon Warning Center. Views Read Edit View history. Online Training eSurge provides an online storm surge training course. Cancelled flights and trains led to grounded passengers in stations and air terminals – a situation that so far had only been associated with bandhs.

It was the worst natural disaster to affect Bangladesh since Cyclone Sidr in November Emergency Capacity Building Project. However, dissimilar to cyclone Sidr, post-cyclone Aila resulted in disease outbreaks. In Dacope Upazila alone, more than 50, people were left homeless.

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Disaster alerts and signals should be tailored to the target population. Gale winds at a speed of km per hour were accompanied with heavy rains. Aila was the second tropical cyclone of the season. Cyclone Aila has been described as a benchmark of Bangladesh’s success ailq implementation of effective disaster management system. Bulletin of the World Health Organization 90 2: Remember me on this computer. Take the course now.

cyclone aila case study geography

Archived from the original on May 21, This highlights an interesting point concerning the language and symbols regarding disasters. This region is characterized by extreme poverty, landlessness, land ownership by a few wealthy landlords, weak infrastructures, gender inequality, and rigid social networks Mallick and Vogt ; Collins ; Jalais All long distance trains from Howrah were suspended, as the route lay through the path of storm.



cyclone aila case study geography

The main economic activities practiced by the communities are agriculture and fishing; however, these activities are risky, rarely profitable, and do not offer secure livelihoods Jalais ; Collins We could see the light drizzle being blown away across the surface of the river by the winds, a sight to behold!

High winds uprooted numerous trees, blocking roads throughout the region. Traffic came to a standstill. cyclohe

Cyclone Aila was originally not classified as a disaster which negatively impacted the medical response of both national and international agencies. During cyclone Cyclond, it is estimated that roughlylives were saved from being effectively evacuated into shelters Raj, Ullah and Akhter It caused a storm surge of m above tide levels along the west Bengal and Xyclone coasts, with severe devastation to these areas.

The case for intersectionality must also be considered in terms of household income and religious convictions; shelters should be built within 1 km of residences. The following post details a first hand experience of weathering Cyclone Aila at Kolkata, lending it a unique personal perspective.

Cyclone Aila recovery slower than Sidr”.

cyclone aila case study geography