CS — Data Communication. CS — Software Project Management. CS — Human Computer Interaction. MKT — Marketing Management. CS — Data Structures. HRM — Human Relations. CS — Theory of Automata.

SOC — Introduction to Sociology. CS — Computer Proficiency License. HRM — Conflict Management. MCM — Journalistic Writing. MGT — Principles of Management. MCM — Globalization of Media.

STA — Statistics and Probability. MTH — Elementary Mathematics.

CS — Visual Programming. Final term solved papers reference moaaz and waqar siddhu. CS — Data Paprr. ACC — Business Finance. CS — Data Warehousing. MTH — Operations Research. CS — Object Oriented Programming.

cs304 final term paper

CS — Software Engineering — 1. MKT — Advertising and Promotion. CS — Database Management System. CS — Computer Graphics. MGT — Organizational Behavior.

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Mid Term Past Papers. CS — Web Design and Development.

cs304 final term paper

User May Also Like To Visit fina final term handouts mid term ppt slides vu degree value in pakistan vu exam demo. PAK — Pakistan Studies. PSY — Abnormal Psychology. CS — Human Computer Interaction. MCM — Reporting and Sub editing. ECO — Introduction to Economics. You Can See All About in the course with this CS — Computer Proficiency License.


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MGT — Financial Management. CS — Modern Programming Languages. CS — Information System. HRM — Conflict Management.

CS — Data Structures. ISL — Islamic Studies. You Can See All About in the course with CS — Artificial Intelligence.

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PSY — Experimental Psychology. Select You Course Code cs cs cs cs cs cs cs cs cs cs cs cs cs cs cs cs cs cs cs PHY — Circuit Theory. CS — Operating System.